Opinion: 5 Ways The APC Is Just Like The PDP

Opinion: 5 Ways The APC Is Just Like The PDP

By Opinions | The Trent on June 10, 2015
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by Onyema Dike

Fela sang that in Africa every military government calls itself something but at the end of the day they are all the same because its Soja go, Soja Come. Two weeks into Buhari’s APC led government, a strong feeling of de javu is settling upon Nigeria. In 2011, Tambuwal defied Jonathan and the PDP hierarchy and became Speaker. Today, Bukola Saraki defied the APC hierarchy and became Senate President, even while the President and Commander In Chief was meeting with party big bosses.

And they say they are progressives. See 5 reasons why APC is just like PDP. No difference just in name.

Democracy, what is democracy?– Under PDP, the party hierarchy wanted to control everything and everybody. That was why we had the Tambuwal situation in which the party wanted Hon Mulikat Adeola from Oyo State to be Speaker but Tambuwal, and a number of PDP stalwarts including Bukola Saraki worked with opposition parties like the CPC and the ACN to install Tambuwal. Now, APC is doing the same and now, Bukola Saraki has pulled a Tambuwal on them today.

It is personal interest before nation: Can you ask why it is impossible for the four gladiators in the national assembly to agree on who becomes what? Is that all in the interest of the nation or just to satisfy the personal ambition of everyone just like we had in PDP.

Roforofo is the name of the game: APC is like PDP because if dem no fight dia bodi no go calm down. They say they are democrats and progressives but see the bloody nose they have given themselves over Senate presidency and Speakership. The more things CHANGE the more they remain the same.

Buhari under hostage just like Jonathan: Jonathan as president had to contend with overbearing and conniving party members from Anenih to Muazu and Buhari seems stuck in the same quagmire. Bola Tinubu and other power brokers seem hell bent on making him not ‘see road’. SGF he can’t appoint. Chief of staff, for where? Even Saraki has allegedly called Osibanjo, the Vice President, a mere commissioner. O ma se!

No permanent friends/enemies: Just last year Bukola Saraki led five governors out of the PDP in what a lot of analysts still say contributed massively to the loss of the 2015 elections by the PDP, today the PDP just saved his arse. Did you hear Tinubu who described OBJ as the worst thing that happened to Nigeria call him navigator of new Nigeria last year? That is the way of politicians. APC is looking more and more like the PDP.

Onyema Dike is a political analyst

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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