Techology Watch: Where Will Apps Go In The Future

Techology Watch: Where Will Apps Go In The Future

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on September 11, 2016

Could you imagine living in the 80s? At the time, a Walkman was the pinnacle of mobile technology. Television was still the biggest medium for media and radio still had a strong hold in society and the minds of people. The special effects in action movies like Terminator and Back To The Future were considered top notch and revolutionary. The 80s were a magical time for technology, but pale in comparison to what is available today.

As primitive as the 80s were, this is when Steve Jobs first formulated the idea of making a mobile device that could support apps. He had it in his mind that he could make a small pocket sized device that will at like a record store. Although this is different from the end result, he was able to visualize apps all the way back in the days of radio and television.

For the past ten to fifteen years, the app market has exploded. The ideas have become more complex and intricate. There are many unique apps that millions of people enjoy. Even apps that are not well known still have hundreds of thousands of downloads and daily users. The volume of apps that are being created is immense. Web application development companies are in high demand in today’s society. This raises many questions such as, where will apps be heading in the future? What will change?

The biggest change in technology since apps starting exploding is that you can now wear it. Devices like the Apple watch show we can integrate technology with our body’s. In the next 20 years, it’s not impossible to have an app that’s physically placed on your body and that has something to do with your health. You could wear some type of pad or electrode on your chest and receive constant updates about your heart on your phone. You can even use wearable apps to play sports.

Another change that is coming to apps is each app will become more universal. Right now there are small differences between using an app on desktop or mobile, android or iphone. Over time these differences have been getting smaller and smaller. In the future you can expect your experience with each app to be seamless and fluid, no matter what device you use. This creates many interesting opportunities for multiplayer games or online communities to exist. The only limitation on apps looking ahead to the future will be our minds!

You could even say that apps have no future because they are continuously evolving. Anyone of any skill level can create an app, and anyone with an idea can find help to make it happen. The future of mobile apps will create an exciting and unique world!


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