The Greatest Danger To Southern Nigeria Are The Sai Barbarians

The Greatest Danger To Southern Nigeria Are The Sai Barbarians [MUST READ]

Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria APC
FILE: Opposition candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari waves to supporters after casting his vote in his home town of Daura, northern Nigeria Saturday, March 28, 2015. | AP/Ben Curtis

Charles Ogbu explores the social online behaviour of Muhammadu Buhari’s supporters from southern Nigerians tagged Sai Barbarians by Dr. Omotoso. People who see and hear no evil in anything Buhari, but see all evil in fellow Southerners

I am not a religious man but I believe the authors of the Bible had southern Nigeria in mind while penning down this verse, “the greatest enemies of a man are often from his own household,” in Matthew 10:36.

The greatest threat facing southern Nigeria is not Buhari and his Northernization agenda. It is not even the menace of the Fulani terrorists neither is it the activities of the Sai Barbarians (apologies to Dr. Omotoso ) or the Muslim mobs who kill at the slightest provocation in Northern Nigeria.

The biggest problem bedeviling southern Nigeria is the presence of a very large horde of unthinking politically correct idiots masquerading as intellectuals.

The greatest enemies of a man are often from his own household ~~Matthew 10:36

To this set of Sai Barbarians, also known as ‘efulefus’, Ekiti state governor was wrong in taking measures to protect his people by banning open grazing of cattle in his state but they will never condemn their slave masters up North for banning sale of alcohol even when they receive the lion-share from the revenue generated from that alcohol sales in the country.

“Niger Delta Avengers are criminals”, “government should not negotiate with them”,  they argue. But these clowns will maintain sealed lips when you remind them that the Fulani President Buhari has budgeted one billion naira for grazing reserve for the world’s fourth deadliest terror group the Fulani herdsmen and another billions for the deadliest terror group – Boko Haram.

Sai Barbarians: The real life versions online supporters of Buhari pictured at a rally of the the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the 2015 campaigns
Sai Barbarians: The real life versions online supporters of Buhari pictured at a rally of the the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the 2015 campaigns

These two terrorist groups both share the same religion and ancestry with President Buhari and are responsible for the death of thousands of Nigerians and displacement of millions. Today, they are being rewarded rather than punished for their heinous crimes.

But to this efulefu Southerners, a group of Niger Delta boys using violence (which is the only language the Nigeria state understands) to demand for resource control is the biggest threat facing this country. Nonsense!!

Why should Niger Delta oil money be used to fund the private cattle rearing business of Buhari brothers even when nothing was allocated for the victims of their mindless bloodletting nor was any incentive like fertilizer subsidy provided for farmers whose crops and lands have all been destroyed by the Fulani herdsmen?

Which injustice could be worse than this?

The politically correct southern idiots will evade this and concentrate on IPOB and the NDA. How do I begin to explain to them that it is grave acts of injustice such as these that gave rise to agitation by the Avengers and IPOB in the first place?

As I type this, there is a very comprehensive report released by human rights group, Intersociety, and published on The Trent detailing cases of murder of hundreds of IPOB and MASSOB members by uniformed thugs masquerading as Nigeria security agents. These southern traitors will never go anywhere near that report. They will pretend they never saw it, or the abridged version on Premium Times, or the confirming report on Amnesty International. But the moment they hear that an IPOB guy attacked a policeman, they will come out from their witch coven and regale us with tales of how the Biafra agitators were responsible for the 1st world war. Idiots!

These are the idiots who hailed a judge for refusing to grant Olisa Metuh’s request to go treat his spinal cord problem abroad but found nothing wrong in another judge granting a Fulani man from Sokoto, a former Governor Attahiru Baffarawa’s request to go spend one month abroad for prayers.

Ask this set of morons who the sponsors of the Niger Delta Avengers are and they will quickly point accusing fingers at Southern politicians. Meanwhile, they never believed that the political wing of Boko Haram was created and financed by northern elements to wrestle political power from the south.

When Northerners were harboring Boko Haram suspects, these guys were advising the military to work to earn their trust rather than use force but today, these same shameless bunch are clapping for the military as they continue to arrest, detain, and humiliate Niger Delta royal fathers in their quest to arrest members of the Niger Delta Avengers.

This is the same group that justified the murder of unarmed IPOB guys praying inside the school field of Ngwa high school in Abia state on February 9, 2016. They argued that the dead guys were miscreants and as such, they deserve death. I have names of two of my Facebook friends who specifically used this line.

Quite frankly, I am more comfortable having dangerous reptiles around me than these set of guys. With dangerous reptiles, I know I would be fine so long as I don’t step on them or threaten them in any way but with these guys around, I am really not sure of anything.

I’m sure you guys won’t believe this but trust me, some of these zombified southerners will gladly clap for Buhari even if he decides to use chemical weapon on southerners.

If I were to choose between killing a heavily armed terrorist and one of these self hating southern traitors, I sure know what my choice would be.

And yes! I hate those Southern bastards. Fuck political correctness!! Any man who would unjustly take the side of the strong against the weak is my enemy. I detest those who support injustice and oppression. I loathe those who invent excuses to justify murder of unarmed protesters. And sadly enough, about 80% of southerners who support this government fall within this category.

If I had the means, I would round up these guys in chains and use them as human collateral to borrow one billions naira from one of those mushroom micro finance banks.

Charles Ogbu is a social media activists. He shared this comment on Facebook

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. Evverybody needs the truth to be guided. All the incessant killings porpoted by the north in the name of religion, terorism and political domination, are enough reasons for this country to redifine the grounds of the unifyig factors that keep us one as a country. The biafrans and niger delta reactions are simple significance of the biblical sayinying that ” oppression makes a wise man mad “. That is why I find it very difficult to put any blames on the niger delta millitancy, because they have a cause to proof. There is no person in the right stae of mind who will wake up and begin to vandalise the economic facilities that is supposed to boost the industrialization of his region if he is given a fair treatmebt..I will not go back to the history caocao, groundnut pyramid or coal because the appropriation of funds raised therefrom is not a hiddened thing. Buhari is a human being not devoide of some percentage error. Let us help advice him to try and implement the resolutions that were reach in the last national conference in order to encourage true federalism if there is any hope of this country still remaining together as one or better still if that could not be achieved, then let individual geographical region separate and form their soverien nation states. It is saver and wiser not to try to force anythin which is imixible to become mixible becaus it will never work. Let no body pre empt war in this country because if, God forbid it, there is any war, it shall be unending and no body shall win, and it shall certainly lead to the third world war because of various foreign interests involved in this country. So therefore let all of us be seriously warned: say the right thing and try to do the right thing at any given time to see how we all could join forces to achieve what is good for the interest of all of us who seem to be answering the name ” nigerians ” for now. May the Almighty God see us all through successfully in Jesus name. Amen.

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