Ethnic Profiling: Nigerian Army Confirms Sack Of 200 ‘Pro-Jonathan’ Officers

Ethnic Profiling: Nigerian Army Confirms Sack Of 200 ‘Pro-Jonathan’ Officers

By Ekamma Jacobs | Staff Reporter on June 11, 2016
Brigadier General Sani Usman, Nigerian Army Spokesman in a file photo when he was a colonel

After The Trent broke the news of the summary sack of 200 military officers who leaned towards former President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 elections, the federal government and Nigerian Army went into panic mode.

Army authorities made frantic phone calls to The Trent requesting that the story, which was published as breaking news at about 12 midnight be withdrawn. Of course, the requests were denied because the news story is based on facts.

In panic, the Nigerian Army spokesman, Colonel Sani Usman issued a statement confirming our report which indicated that soldiers – mostly from the South South and South East region, with a few from the North Central, region – were profiled for allegedly being “pro-Jonathan” and dismissed from the military.

The statement signed by Colonel Usman and delivered to The Trent by email says the Nigerian Army has compulsorily retired some of its senior officers who have been investigated for being “investigated for partisanship in the 2015 general election” and for alleged corruption, the usual crime of all victims of President Muhammadu Buhari’s parochial and sectional government.

The statement released at about 12.43am on Saturday, June 11, 2016, says that some of those retired were major-generals, brigadier-generals, colonels, lieutenant-colonels‎ and a major.

“The Nigerian army wishes to inform the general public  that quite a number of senior officers of the Nigerian army were retired from service yesterday,” Colonel Usman said in the statement.

“Those retired were mainly some major generals, brigadier generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels and a major.

“Their retirement was based on service exigencies. It should be recalled that not too long ago some officers were investigated for being partisan during the 2015 general election.

“Similarly, the investigation by the Presidential Committee investigating defence contracts revealed a lot. Some officers have already been arraigned in court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).‎”

Usman appealed that Nigerians “should therefore not read this out of context”, saying “the military must remain apolitical and professional at all times”.

Ethnic Profiling In Buhari’s Army

There are indications on Friday, June 11, 2016 that about 200 military officers may have been sacked by the federal government through text messages (SMS) over their alleged loyalty to former President Goodluck Jonathan during the 2015 general elections.

They affected officers were said to have been carefully selected for backing Jonathan during the last 2015 general election.

Further checks in the military establishment in Abuja, also hinted that military officers who were believed to be loyal to the former national security adviser (NSA), Sambo Dasuki were also affected in the mass sacking.

The list showed that they were mainly from the South East, South South and a small percentage of them were from the North Central region of the country.

The development which is already causing some ripples in the military, according to political analysts, could cost the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration public goodwill.

A source said, “It is being seen as an act of ethnic card to checkmate those officers who were seen as posing danger to the federal government and it was resolved in the presidency that they should be weeded out.”

But the concern as some observers also said was the implication of the sack on the psyche of the military institution and the public which was felt capable of truncating the nation’s democracy as the “systematic sacking “ of over 200 top military officers mainly from the southern part of the country was a decision difficult to defend by the federal government.

“The affected officers were sent text messages relieving them of their jobs and they were directed to pick their sack letters at specific locations without any reason given for terminating their appointments,” said a source in the presidency which pleaded anonymity.

According to the source, the move allegedly masterminded by “some hawks“ in the presidency was aimed at weeding out all officers who were perceived to be loyal to the last regime and deemed to have played one role or the other favourable to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in the last presidential election.

“The game plan is to remove all vestiges of the old regime, particularly those officers considered to be too intelligent and smart to challenge the status quo.

“Buhari is weary of being toppled a second time, given his ugly past experience. But unknown to him, this latest move of indiscriminate sacking of senior and middle level officers has divided the military and created rumblings in some quarters,” the source stated.


  1. Comment:

    What’s for, was it wroung to serve a serving president and assist him in his goals.
    you can only sack them when you see an offence made against the law of army.
    I have said this many times.
    ethnicity and religions can never help Nigerian t grow.

  2. The very fact that the public is being appealed to, not to read the action out of context indicates that something is probably missing in the explanation.
    To the best of my knowledge during the 2015 presidential Election, Goodluck Jonathan was the commander in chief of the Nigerian armed forces. How could anybody accuse a military officer of any wrong doing for being loyal to his commander in chief? In fact it is the other way round, meaning that officers who were not loyal to their commander in chief could be accused of sabotage.
    If I may ask who among the rest of your remaining officers or the general public is not partisan including you and me? If somebody committed an offence out of partisanship or whatever reason, definitely he should be held accountable, but loyalty alone does not amount to an offence.
    I am afraid some hidden agenda similar to the immediate pre-civil war situation is gradually unfolding.
    Nigerian Military had never been apolitical or professional as they wanted to portray here.
    We should better be careful of our actions.


    • See be yond this my bro, pls see beyond this… Its not about loyalty nor been unprofessional, let me tell you the truth… There’s a move and plan, thus plan has to be strategic and we have to paint it with false truth, it happens in the Gambia now an Islamic state, now don’t be too fooled to this Nigeria will be islamatice and the strategy is on going, its all desits false peace in disguise and the only way out is what that movement don’t like-force for force argue with me I don’t care its a research ongoing for years now, thingk of turkey, serial,Lebanon’s,the Gambia,Egypt, Pakistan how did they become an Islamic state? Have you ever wonder? Gradually your Georges will become Muslims, your navy, airforce and army will majorly be muslims for this to take place, like our local government secteriat are becoming now just check their populations in government establishments and come tell me something, your country will be invaded while you look helplessly your religion will vanished as they promised Islam will rule the world their goal, you can snub it or you raly round and form a strong formidable force and resist any thing Islamic in idea only then you can win. Ask your president who should his soldier be loyal to? Him or oppositions? If he orders them and they refused what will he say as to their action? Ethical or sabotage? Felony? Christians need to come out strongly through medias and educate them self on this ideas coming up to overtake and enslave them to a religion not theirs. They tell you it dose not mean when they want you to do their will but please introduce your will to them they will oppose you and treating you with death #osunstatesaga, I will leave you now to doscurse later but take note #ITS NOT A MIGRATION ITS AN INVASSION*

  3. I agree with you . If GEJ was the commander in chief. It is imperative that officers of the army must be loyal to Him. The army should seek another explanation period!

  4. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm!!!! I beg, who know Buhari make e warn am o. Only God knows why he’s behaving like a dog that must get lost. Must he start d rhythms of war again? Can’t he just drink in d water of democracy and leave it fit for others to drink? Must he pee in it and soil it with his Fulani feet?

  5. The military should serve its country and not the interest of a president. I have read many give aways in this article that goes against military ethics. That the men were from south east or south south is irrelevant. they should have faced their duties and not go into politics. It is dangerous for the military to b political. a civilian may not see anything wrong in it but military laws are not same as civilian laws. Also Nigerian civilians are not united and they have tried desperately to divide the military along th Sam path, this has proven very difficult. Believe me, a hausa and ibo army personnel are muvh more brotherly than their civilian counterparts.

    • If one should go by your assessment of military ethics, that the military should not be political, we could as well have disbanded the Nigerian Military in its entirety, having directly shaped the political landscape of Nigeria for over 50 percent of the total 56 years of its existence. Not to talk of its influence in successive governments till date. In fact it is the militarisation of Nigerian politics that brought us to where we are today especially the unworkable central federal system.
      So far none of the officers have been accused of running for any political office, and it is not about their place of origin as you rightly pointed out. Should the military officers under the government of the day be disloyal to their commander in chief, bearing in mind that the commander in chief is the head of the countries government and not a private portfolio? It is for this reason that the president as the commander in chief of the armed forces of a country is directly held responsible for the actions or inactions of his military officers.

    • You are a distractor you come on line to tell opposite stories are you an agent? If you’re an army officer and you’re are othered by the president commander in chief of the arm force of Nigeria to go to where elections are will you say no I can’t go is not ethical? What will your president count that to be from you? Please tell your spinsured we are very intelligent people and we know all your a genders as to Nigeria but hope you sourced along your way for you will not like to tell the result from a distance!

  6. Why are some people blaming Niger delta avangers, ipob etc for their agitations when he Pharaoh Gmb is beating the drums of war.

  7. As long as you engage in politics or you are a threat to national security as a security personnel you have to go whether one is from daura, gboko,oturkpo,otueke,kuru or badagry…they have to go..

  8. When Obasanjo came to power he sack all officers that hang on to politics nobody said a word, it was evident that the militry was becoming a profetional body so why is this diffrent.

  9. The war is here
    The body language is too clear to be ignored by any right thinking individual. But this time, the north will loose woefully.
    They will see that once is beaten, twice is shy.

  10. The destiny and future of democracy in Nigeria will be enhanced by honest, fair and truthful news reporting. Social media through easy access should not be used to detestable and misinformed the people. I am sure majority of peace loving Nigerian are ashamed on the current level of corruption exposure in the country. Nigeria army should not be exempted from the cleaning campaign. It is of no benefit to the people and the country for any news channel to use sectional or tribal marginalization to incites government hatred. Nigerian must not summit to propaganda not to fight corrupt. The level of looting, mismanagement and thieving of our national treasury and resources is mind bugling and shameful to all. We should ponder and asked ourselves how we allowed this to continue for over 16 years. This is a moment of great challenge to all Nigerian. Posterity and generation to come will not forgive us, if we succumbed to blackmail and failed to support the fight against corruption. Forward with Great Nigeria.


  12. Pls, can someone then corroborate this story and the excuse given with the inclusion of Gen. T. C. Ude, the present STF Commander OP Safe Haven Jos?
    What will they allege him for seeing his serving diligently and have brought relative peace to Jos and the Plateau?
    It can only be that he is a devoted Christian and from the South East, hence, would be a grave contender for the position of the next Army Chief; and would be a great obstacle to their Islamic and northern agenda! Period!!

  13. it is a sign of total disintegration of the Nigeria for those who have ears, let them hear. I reiterate that Buhari is not God. His ways is different from God’s way. Thus in all events, God’s Will shall prevail against the tyrant.

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