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Cristiano Ronaldo Dresses Up As Homeless Man, Then Pranks Madrid With Football Skills (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, over the weekend pulled a stunt successfully after he stormed the busy Plaza de Callao in downtown Madrid in Spain dressed as a homeless man with his dog.

Ronaldo, who ranks among the richest footballers disguised in fake beard, hair and fat suit and posed as a tramp which made it difficult for people to recognise he was the one.

He tied his dog to a chair and started doing kick-ups which was ignored by a handful of persons who waved him off as one of those homeless people trying to display in order to earn a few euros from them.

Some passersby occasionally, pulled over to watch the really amazing skills displayed by the ‘homeless man’ especially when he replicated Ronaldo’s trade-mark step-overs.

After some hours, a little boy decided to join up the ‘homeless man’ in the display and halfway into the show, Ronaldo gave him high five, followed by a very tight hug before he picked up the ball and appended his autograph on it and handed it down to the lucky boy.

This got the young chap really confused. Now who wouldn’t be? not until Ronaldo began to peel off his costumes only for him to see he just got an opportunity to play with the world player of the year.

Just as expected, several persons who had previously ignored him stormed the scene and formed a large crowd already within the twinkle of an eye and of course they made good use of their devices by capturing the great moment while the little boy walked away happily ever after.

Check out the photos below. (Click on any image to enlarge).


Watch the video below:

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