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David Favour Love: Put Order In Place

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by David Favour Love

[pull_quote_center]” Let all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40;[/pull_quote_center]

With over 2 decades of ministry learning, practicing, serving and experiences with all humility as one who wants to learn more, deliver better and more, be more resultful and better in all ramifications, there are some certain vivid occurrences, results and experiences I have come to notice and also several I appreciate and sincerely several I sorrow about and even some I don’t ever want to be associated with and all points to some certain major things playing some major roles of which amongst them one thing can never be absent and that’s ORDER.

When we are referring to order as we read on please note we are talking in terms of guided instructions, proper appropriations, declared destination, declared, accepted and focused mission, stipulated instructions, declared followed but adjusted for constant improvement administrations and more not leaving out even financial budgeting and planning, mission statements, dynamic networking and positions with proper delegations of responsibility and accountability.

I realized ministries lacking these main streams of order despite anointing, gifts, callings and even grace tend to be unsuccessful as they should, could or would. Am going to avoid names but for us who want maximum results from all our labors we must have order in place.

People respond far more better and even more enthusiastically to ministries with order. God is organized and so we humans made in His image appreciate and respond better to anything and anyone more organized. It’s sad to say that many ministers confuse revival with been disorganized but it’s not true at all because even under of the Holy Ghost’s influence we are directed by scriptures to be organized even in delivery of prophecies etc:

” For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.” 1 Corinthians 14:31;

To be called doesn’t qualify anyone automatically for success but using the calling with wisdom of which order is also one that’s required and requested seriously is going to ensure great success to the one called.

For those already running their ministries too, they should just simply understand that quality consultancy companies or personality that can bring in trainings etc to leading ministers and workers or can help to bring some order to their ministries to enhance better success and results should be engaged. Unfortunately most churches and ministries avoid these consulting companies or personality because of paying for their services with the mentality to get everything for free because it’s the gospel but they are very wrong because ministry is not free and neither can it be run for free now in this 21st century so we better get the right mindset and most especially the Pastors with users mentality. If you believe ministry is for free you shouldn’t ever receive tithes and offerings nor raise partners and pledges. Let’s put order in place.

Shamefully and sadly so many ministries with very great anointing and mighty testimonies have fizzled out because of lack of order.

All current fronting ministries have order in place. We need order. And also ministries that even just enter any dreaded city or financially considered expensive city anywhere in the world to others that have order gain great tangible successful results in less time than those before them and it’s one of the secrets of King Solomon in the Bible:

“So I was great, and increased more than all that were before me in Jerusalem: also my wisdom remained with me.” – Ecclesiastics 2:9;

Men and women of God lets put order in place. Some of ministers consider order to be sophisticated because whether you like it or not 21st century order will demand some involvement of some literacy, educated and enlightened individuals.

In a ministers conference I was very shocked to hear Bishop David Oyedepo admit that God told him specifically to put his administration in order more over probably 10 years ago and that the person that oversees all the financial aspects and etc of the ministry wasn’t like a believer but as he continued to work he received Christ better and grew up spiritually better too and he has coordinated the ministry finances better and that they pay him well right from when God told him to change the person formally handling the ministry financial affairs. Let’s put order in place.

I don’t believe anyone of us want to fail in ministry and life but sorry without order failure maybe inevitable. Order will go even to our home, our time management, our personal life development and more. Order is very attractive and it’s one of the things that attracted me to my wife because she believes in excellence.

Great people Jesus Christ told us we are fishers of men and to catch any fish with a net there’s need for a bait and in this 21st century order is the main bait amongst other few. Let me stop here. Blessings!

We’ll talk of order in business, marriage etc later too.

Dr. David Favour Love is a leadership and business consultant. He is also a personal coach having spent over 20 years in ministry preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He developed the 4 R-Impacts – Revivals, Re-engineering, Relationships, and Relevance. He is chief executive of DFL Great Refuge Consult. He can be reached by email HERE and HERE. Connect with him on Facebook. 

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 

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