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Davido in the Eye of the Storm as American Adult Entertainer Anita Brown Reveals She’s Pregnant

As another influencer from France makes similar claims

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NEW YORK, USA — The African beats maestro, Davido, is no stranger to the glitzy world of fame and opulence. Renowned for chart-topping hits and a penchant for luxury, the Nigerian singer’s life has been swept into a maelstrom of drama as two women from different continents claim to be pregnant with his child.

Anita Brown, an American entrepreneur and adult entertainer known by her moniker “Nina the Elite,” recently took to Twitter and other social media platforms to announce her pregnancy, attributing the paternity to Davido.

This revelation was accompanied by a video of her taking a pregnancy test.

Born in the United States to African parents, Brown is a multi-faceted personality with several successful ventures to her name, including a marketing agency, a real estate firm, and a non-profit organization.

Additionally, Brown has been an influential figure in the realm of personal development through her role as a public speaker and transformational coach.

However, her entrepreneurial prowess and philanthropic ventures were overshadowed by an unforeseen revelation. Devoted fans of Davido discovered that Anita Brown is also an adult entertainer, a fact she later confirmed while declaring herself as a born-again Christian.

Ms Brown has also tried her hands on music with one track, ‘Play with your Bitch‘, a rap song released in 2019.

Davido’s saga did not end there. Shortly after Brown’s revelation, another woman, Ivanna Bay, this time from France, also came forward claiming to be pregnant with Davido’s child.

Brown claimed to have been in an on-and-off relationship with Davido since they met in Dubai in 2017.

“Our relationship was never just a fling,” Brown stated, as she released a series of text exchanges with Davido and his cousin, Clarks, as evidence. Clarks, in the leaked texts, seemingly assured Brown of financial support and discussed advising Davido to accept paternity.

Responding to those accusing her of using Davido’s fame for clout, Brown said, “I’m a female who doesn’t like sitting in cars worth less than 100k. I have over 2 million dollars in property, I own a community. If I ever need money, it is because it’s a lot going on and that comes with being an entrepreneur.”

In a scathing address to Davido’s wife, Chioma, Brown stated, “I don’t want your husband” and added, “I’m not a walking doormat.”

@lafunkybaby1Davido Apata piti tuale baba adoni bi Eni layin🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌♬ original sound – lafunky babe💎💎💎💎💎

Meanwhile, social media users observed that Davido’s song, “Assurance,” contains the lyrics “Call Anita oh, tell am make she come dey go far away, far away. Me I no dey do again,” which they believe alludes to his relationship with Brown.

Media personality Afam weighed in on the situation, stating, “Anita took advantage of him,” while Davido’s fourth baby mama, Larissa, remained conspicuously silent.

As the world awaits Davido’s response to these claims, fans are glued to social media, and music pundits speculate on how this will affect the Afrobeat superstar’s career.

The drama highlights the intertwined and complicated nature of celebrity relationships and parenthood as two continents watch with bated breath to see how the Davido-Anita-French lady saga unfolds.

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