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Man Buried In His Car During Strange Funeral (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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A man was so obsessed with his car while he was alive that his family decided to bury him inside in a bizarre funeral ceremony.

Mourners and family of the unnamed deceased gathered around as the vehicle was put into an underground tunnel as excavators filled the ground.

The footage originated in the province of Shanxi, China.

Huffington Post reports that the hatchback was used in place of a coffin and a crane lifted it to move it to the right spot for burial.

The man was said to have been very fond of his car and as a tribute, his family decided to bury him inside it instead of a more traditional coffin.

Below are some photos coupled with the video the unusual ceremony. (Click on any image to enlarge).

A man was bured with his car which he loved so much in China | Huffington Post

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