HILARIOUS: A Student’s Bike Got Stolen, Here Is A Letter He Wrote...

HILARIOUS: A Student’s Bike Got Stolen, Here Is A Letter He Wrote To The Thief [LOOK]

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A student’s bike was stolen and guess what he did?

Instead of sitting all day and feeling bad about it he decided to write a very funny letter to the thief addressing him as “DEAR DOUCHEBAG THIEF” and claiming that the bike has a tracker.

A tweet by Bike tech Company Blaze reads thus “this must have been the best feeling ever”  followed by the hilarious note written to the thief promising him a surprise visit.

He also informed the thief that a CCTV camera at the station actually captured his face adding that a GPS tracker was fixed in the frame of the bike after it was stolen previously.

From the letter, the victim claimed to have known the address of the thief but wanted nothing more than his bike back.

He wrote, ‘Please dear bike thief, don’t take this as a threat. I’m sure you had your reasons. ‘I just want my bike back.’

The student further explained to the thief that he was not buoyant enough and offered some help by identifying his own as the Grey Giant Model in case the thief had stolen many bikes.

From the look of things and the tone of the letter, the thief might succumb and the bike recovered due to the GPS Tracker and the CCTV footage claims. Who would ever hear about a GPS tracker plus CCTV in a stolen item and still comfortably keep it?.

Letter to The Bike Thief
Letter to The Bike Thief


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