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Dear Ladies: 15 Signs That He Wasn’t Good Enough For You Anyway [WATCH]

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Hi, I’m Nixalina from Sex & London City.

We’ve all been there – we’re sad, sobbing and obsessing over a guy we know is a complete tool.

But how do we get over the douchebag super quick and move on?

With my 15 signs that he wasn’t good enough for you anyway, that’s how.

1. He never made any effort

He has to make a decent amount of effort, for goodness sake. He didn’t really, did he?

Who wants that around?

2. You always had to call or text first

It’s pretty simple, girls – if he didn’t ever text or call, it is not because he’s too busy, it is because he didn’t want to.

3. He often blew you out

If the guy wanted to see you, he would see you.

Even a two-hour drive wouldn’t put a guy off seeing a girl.

If he often blew you out, you were a second option for him. Cut loose.

4. He said ‘I don’t want a girlfriend right now’


That is just a massive warning sign that he is going to mess you around and not be loyal.

Run away as fast as you can.

5. He had no life ambition or goals

If he has no drive with career or success, he’s sooooo not good enough.

You cannot build your castle on pebbles.

6. He’d been to prison 

Self explanatory.

7. You were more miserable than happy

Look at how many times he made you upset.

Was it really worth all the pain? Nah.

8. He made you anxious

That horrible bad butterfly feeling in your tummy?

You know the one…where you feel anxious and sick?

That wasn’t love, that was bad for you.

9. He avoided conversations with ‘you’re too emotional’

Oh please.

10. His mates always came first

Making time for you before his mates is the correct way forward.

If you’re always in the background, then honey, you were always just a back-up option.

11. He only called very late or at weekends

Two words: Booty. Call.

You dodged a bullet with that one me thinks.

12. He wasn’t the slightest bit bothered when you suggested going on a break

It would be nice if he even pretended to slightly care when you walked away.

No reaction whatsoever? He’s just happy he didn’t have to break up with you first.

13. His social media was on lock down

He was up to no good and didn’t want you catching him out.

Get rid.

14. He moved on super quick

Thanks for giving our relationship the respectful mourning period, you idiot.

Oh, so you already hooked up with another girl? It’s been five days.

This just means he never cared enough to begin with.

15. He’s aesthetically below your league

Come on girl…look at him.

Those selfies? Just look.

Princess – you can do a hell of a lot better than that face.

Go and find him. That’s an order!

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