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Dear Ladies: How To Keep A Man Interested In You

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So, you finally found the man of your dreams and now you don’t want him going anywhere! Well, getting a guy interested, and keeping him interested are two very different things. To help you keep your man right where he is, here are top ten tips on how to keep a man interested in you.

1. Show your support

Being there for your man, when he needs you, is a good first step to keeping him around. It’s important for him to know that he has someone he can rely on and go to with his problems, so take an interest in his life and offer support where you can.

2. Make him laugh

Your sense of humour is another important factor in what will keep him interested. Having fun together and being able to laugh together will draw you closer together and strengthen the bond that you have. If he has fun when you are around, he is going to want to keep you around.

3. Take an interest in his pastimes

If you can find things that you both enjoy doing together and share hobbies or pastimes, that will help keep the relationship interesting too. Even of you don’t like everything that he likes to do, showing an interest in his hobbies will keep up his interest in you.

4. Make an effort with your appearance

Another tip on how to keep a man interested in you is to never give up on the effort you made when you were trying to attract him and look after how you look for him. Looks aren’t everything, but, if he sees you making an effort for him, he’ll surely appreciate it!

5. Don’t get into too much of a routine

Next important tip on how to keep a man interested in you is to never let date nights get boring by always going to the same places. Break out of any routines and suggest new date ideas and new places to go. If you let things become too much of a routine, too fast, then he certainly will lose interest in you.

6. Don’t appear desperate

Don’t, however, make it too obvious that you are madly keen to keep him around. If you start getting too clingy, you will soon have him running fast in the other direction!

7. Retain some mystery

Try and keep some things back, so you can surprise him later, that’s another tip on how to keep a man interested in you. If he thinks that there is always something new to learn about you, then he’s going to hang around to find out more.

8. Flirt with your man

Another tip on how to keep a man interested in you is to flirt. Just because you’ve been with the guy for a while, that doesn’t mean that you should stop flirting with him. Give him plenty of compliments and tease him sometimes, it will all help to keep him interested and make him want to stay around.

9. Show him your independence

Men love a confident woman, so show him your strength and your self-confidence. Show him that you still have your own interests and hobbies; it will keep him interested and intrigued by you.

10. Just be you

Fun, love, and lots and lots of laughter; that’s what will keep a man interested in you. Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to show your little eccentricities too. It’s those cute little things that you do that he will love, and they could make him stay with you for good.

How to keep a man interested in you?

Stay happy!

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