Is Distance Learning A Good Alternative?

Is Distance Learning A Good Alternative?

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A distance learning is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and even a legit certificate of higher education, being anywhere in the world. We decided to figure out what advantages of this form of studying are, and where “pitfalls” are hidden.

Internet education takes its development in Europe and the US in the early 70’s. Reasons for rapid spreading of this type of training are simple: every person who wants to get an education, regardless of his demographic characteristics and location, can study and obtain a diploma from any institution. Most specialists believe that internet learning is very promising, as it fits many people, and is much cheaper than traditional schooling. In addition, you can exclude certain disciplines, if you have already passed them, in other words, to receive “education by order,” which also gives advantages in price.

Despite the growing popularity of distance learning, people still perceive it with caution and distrust. What are the advantages of online education?


Freedom and flexibility of the schedule. You can create comfortable conditions for studying on your own. Everything depends solely on a student and his desire to receive the education. In this form of learning, no one will stand over and make you hand over your coursework faster. You are free to make your science papers in time, ordering them from a professional essay writing service such as Eduzaurus, if topic won’t be interesting for you. Moreover, you won’t need to wait for a careless student who cannot understand the obvious for you things. This convenience in taking classes also benefits individuals who have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. For example, those who plan on shifting careers can enrol in courses like a social work degree online and be able to tackle school requirements right at home or during free time at work

An individual pace of training. Individual approach is a real salvation! You can listen to the recordings of lecture as many times as you need to fully understand the subject. You can stop to record or skip what you already know.

Access to study anywhere in the world. Yes, you can sip a tropical cocktail on a beach in Thailand and still consider yourself a student. Of course, if at the same time you have an access to network.

Increasing number of students. In addition to all benefits of online learning, one of the most considerable argument remains increase of non-traditional students – working people, pregnant women, nursing mothers, elderly people. People who really want to graduate, but do not have an opportunity to constantly attend the university, gladly agree to distance training.

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Profitable price. Distance learning is the most affordable form of higher education. Online study is cheaper than traditional schooling in class. And this is an undoubted plus, especially during a period of economic instability. With this is closely related another characteristic of distance learning – an opportunity to learn without an interruption from work. And even if the student does not work at the time of beginning of studies, then this is a great opportunity to find a job, and already at the end of training have an experience in your arsenal. Cost of training depends on particular university, but basically, this amount can compete only with correspondence studying, although it will still be lower by 10-30%.

Despite the fact that training is carried outside audiences, a distance training is similar to the traditional one:

– undergraduates have access to teachers and receive feedback from them. Video conferencing and e-mail come to rescue;

– learners have access to the same informational resources, training programs are very rare, and access to libraries is also free;

– students are full members of alumni communities who assist in finding work.

Professionals in the field of education also indicate that admission requirements for enrollment in distance learning programs are significantly lower than full-time study programs.
One thing can be stated unequivocally: distance education is recognized by all as a great way to improve qualifications and improve knowledge received before. Whatever supporters and opponents of distance studying say, the fact remains: according to the results of a study conducted by the US Department of Education, students enrolled in distance learning programs, in their bulk, demonstrate better results and competence than their “colleagues” in universities and colleges.

To sum up, a distance education is a quite convenient and useful thing. Undoubtedly, this is a step in the formation of the future. But still, using benefits of the internet, do not forget of a traditional education, which gives more skills, especially when getting a basic education. Distance learning is still recommended to receive, as an additional or if you do not have the opportunity to learn traditionally for any valid reasons. But as a supplementary education or professional development, distance schooling leads, because the “student” already has professional skills in the field of the subject under study and has the opportunity to continue education without interruption.


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