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‘I don’t have a PVC’ – Sultan Of Sokoto Hints President Jonathan

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The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, had on Monday, January 19, 2015 told President Goodluck Jonathan that he might take part in the electoral process during the February general elections on the ground that he had yet to collect his Permanent Voter Card.

The president, who visited the monarch while conducting the People’s Democratic Party, PDP presidential campaign was intimated on how large cross section of the residents have not received their permanent voters card.

The Sultan urged that the Federal Government should do all it takes within its powers to ensure that no Nigerian of eligible age was disenfranchised in the coming election.

“Let us respect people’s wishes; let’s not try to disenfranchise anybody. We have had issues of the Permanent Voter Cards and I want to tell you that even myself, I don’t have a PVC; so, it means I will not vote on Saturday,February 14, 2015.

“So, we have to look for a way out. It is for your government to now look for what to do; how to ensure that all the cards get to the voters before the voting day or in the alternative, find a way out because in any problem, there is a solution,” he stated.

“We believe you will find solution as regard this very serious hitch facing us because millions of Nigerians seem to be heading towards disenfranchisement and they won’t be able to vote but I have heard comments from the INEC Chairman, we are still waiting for our cards to come,” he added.

The Sultan also condemns the religious colouration that have characterized the campaign of both parties as he stated that the act of criticising parties on religious ground is not good for democracy.

“As the leader of the Muslims in this country, I will not fail to intimate the President and his government with the problems Muslims face in this country, that is our own area of attention as Muslim leaders.

“We care about how we live as a people and we are very worried about how we are living now as a people and God Almighty, who placed leadership of the country on your shoulders, we feel we must always alert you to how we have been living.

“As such time now and I will say never a time in this country’s history that we face very serious challenges like what we are facing now.

“The whole politicking had been turned into either religious of ethnic matters and this should not be so because we see what happens across the world.

“We are worried because religion has been brought into it. We made it very clear in 2011; there is no way religion should be part of the campaigns or even the election itself.

“As you have seen here, I think there are more Muslims in this room than Christians and coming here now to come for prayers for success of your campaigns go to show that as the leader of the Muslims, I have no choice than to pray for you.”

The Sultan advised the President to fashion out a lasting and sustaining solution to the issues of insecurity and unemployment.

“On insecurity facing us in all parts of the country, we have heard campaign promises left, right and centre but we want to hear from our political leaders. How do you intend to resolve the security issues? How do you intend to tackle unemployment? How do you intend to tackle the rot in education? He asked.

“These are issues that should face the various political leaders instead of mudslinging, calling each other names and whatever.

“We are very worried what we see in newspapers, watch on television and hear comments from our people, brothers and friends.

“Politics of this country has now been turned into a war; families are being divided; friends have become enemies just because of seeking political office,” he submitted.

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