Easy Tips On Caring For A Patient Suffering From Dementia

Easy Tips On Caring For A Patient Suffering From Dementia

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Most people know dementia as that disease that interferes with one’s memory. This is true to some extent but that is not all about dementia. Dementia is an umbrella term that describes a wide range of signs and symptoms associated with the decline of memory and life skills which in severe cases interfere with the normal life of a person.

The tricky part about this condition is that you may not be able to notice the early stages of it thinking it is normal aging. There is need for you to pay close attention to your aging loved one in order for you to see these symptoms.

Some of the symptoms which show your loved one may be suffering from dementia include memory lapse, change in behavior and moods, withdrawal from their social life and other social activities, difficulty in perceiving time and places among many others.

Studies have been carried out and research has shown that there is no cure for this condition. The results however showed that there are certain activities which dementia patients can take part in to help reduce the chances of the condition worsening. Below are 5 tips that you can use to care for your patient and help contain the condition:

  • Play and sing old songs together

This will not only bring some cheer to their life but also trigger some past memories in their lives. This is especially if you are singing songs that meant something to them in the past. According to http://assitedlivingnerame.org/article/dementia-care-guide.html, playing childhood games and singing their childhood songs will bring childhood memories which are important to the patient.

  • Reading loudly from the patient’s old books

As the caregiver, you should find out the books that the patient loved the most and read them out loud to them. It could be cookbooks or even story books. Let them touch and smell the books if they want to as it could bring back some memories.

Doing this on a daily basis will surely help the patient remember a thing or two from the past.

  • Look through the family’s photo albums and videos

The first time, this is less likely to make any sense to them but when you do it daily, he/she will become more familiar with the subjects and by seeing them around him/her, he/she will know that they are family.

This activity is also capable of bringing back old memories, especially when he/she sees himself/herself in the video.

  • Go out and explore nature

Interacting with nature and animals is relaxing and peaceful. Exposing your patient to this environment could help them remember their hobbies or their favorite pet and bring back some bits of their life before the condition.

The worst thing that you can do to a patient suffering from dementia is to keep him/her locked in the house.

Besides this, it is important to also mind their physical well-being and take them out for walks, feed them, bathe them and clothe them well.


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