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EVIL: Mob Hang Man To A Tree With Rope Tied To His Penis (PHOTOS)

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A case of jungle justice has left a man with only one testicle after he lost one following a severe torture by a gang of assailant who claimed he was ‘liking one of their girlfriends and also stole a phone.
The man whose name was given as Francis Ssekiranda, an indigene of Uganda was castrated after the mob hanged with a rope tied to his penis and then onto a tree.

The incident happened on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 in Mpambire, Mpigi district where the unsuspecting victim was drinking in a bar with his colleagues, Tom Kimuli and Denis Kamoga, New Vision reports.

EXCRUCIATING PAINS: Ugandan man, Francis Ssekiranda, (Left) pictured with his mother (Right) after he was castrated by some assailants who hanged him to a tree with a rope tied to his penis. (Photo Credit: New Vision)


While narrating his ordeal, Ssekiranda the attackers stormed the relaxation spot where he was with his friends and fished him out accusing him of liking someone’s girlfriend and also stealing a phone.

He refuted the claims and pleaded his innocence but before he could say Jack, the men already descended on him and beat him to pulp.

Ugandan man, Francis Ssekiranda, was castrated after some assailants hanged to a tree with a rope tied to his penis. (Photo Credit: New Vision)


In the process of the torture two of the men lifted him by the arms while two others held him on the legs before the fifth man zipped open his trousers, removed his underwear and tied a rope to his testicles then hanged him on a tree.

The men disappeared from the scene after the evil act before residents went to aid the victim who could hardly speak as at that time.

He was covered in the pool of his own blood with one of his testicles lying beside him after he fell to the ground.

When concerned residents quizzed to know what really transpired, Ssekiranda cried out and said, “I have lost my manhood! They would have warned me to leave their girl but I even do not know her; if they claim I stole a phone I do not have it! Matovu you have killed me!”

He was rushed to a hospital where he is currently experiencing excruciating pains following the attack.

He pleaded with the medical personnel to try and fix back his testicles.

He said, “I do not even know if I can have children. I have been castrated and I am in a lot of pain; please I need help.”

Two of the suspects arrested for castrating one Ugandan man, Francis Ssekiranda, by hanging him to a tree with a rope tied to his penis. (Photo Credit: Bukede Online)


A source resident in the area revealed that the incredible act was masterminded by one David Luswabu, a UPDF soldier identified only as Matovu and another man called Kasawuli.

Two of the rebels were later arrested and charged before a magistrate, Marion Ninsiimato with torture and attempted murder of the victim while the UPDF soldier is still at large.

However enraged residents, led by Ssekiranda’s mother, Regina Nabatanzi, protested when the magistrate granted the suspects bail of sh500,000 cash each and non-cash bail of sh1m.

Meanwhile, police detective ASP Rose Natukunda disclosed that they were still on the trail to nab the fleeing suspect.

The case was adjourned until March 5, 2015 for further hearing.


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