EXCLUSIVE: Osinbajo Locked Out Of President Buhari’s Security Meeting

EXCLUSIVE: Osinbajo Locked Out Of President Buhari’s Security Meeting

By Doyin Ajayi | Sub-Editor on June 4, 2015
Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo pictured in a presidential election campaign event in 2015

Indications emerged on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 that Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo was ‘locked out’ of President Muhammadu Buhari’s meeting with the National Security Adviser on the orders of the President.

A top Government source who pleaded anonymity disclosed to The Trent on Wednesday that Vice-President Osinbajo was refused ‘security clearance’ to attend the meeting as a result of security concerns by the Commander-in-Chief allegedly over what he described as a “very sensitive meeting”. According to the source, it was the thinking of the President that it was too early in the day to bring Vice-President Osinbajo into the President’s first security briefing.

The June 1 meeting with NSA Sambo Dasuki, which lasted for hours, was part of what sources called “debriefing process” and was done behind closed doors in the absence of the Vice-President.

Dasuki remained with the president till after 4pm when he left the Defence House, Daily Trust reports.

Buhari and Vice-President Osinbajo are yet to move into the Presidential Villa, 6 days after their inauguration.


  1. The president knows best, being a Yuroba man he may leak the cat out of the basket. VP go and put yourself in order first.

  2. Comment: The presence of the VP is not necessary that is why he was not call. kai the media are just manipulating, bombarding fake information that ll bring disagreement

  3. Comment:There’s need 4 patience. A lot of things that would marvel Nigerians still lye ahead. But d final saviour will come!

  4. Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is number 2 man in the country and does not need clearance to attend any meeting.

    This simply means there is a Northern agenda being discussed that they don’t want a non-northerner to hear.


    ONE BIG JOKE !!!

  5. Comment:There’s need 4 patience. A lot of things that would marvel Nigerians still lye ahead. But d final saviour will come! That being so, as Commander-in-chief of d Armed Forces, President Buhari has d right 2 certain decisions aside his Vice. That remains a reality!

  6. O be careful what you write! A debriefing meeting is merely a meeting where things previously done under GEJ are shared. Insinuating that the VP was locked out is towing the line of AIT. Labelling it “Exclusive” when you mentioned no verifiable source is laughable at best! Osinbajo was either on his was to Sudan or in Sudan when the meeting took place.

  7. The Vice-President does not have to be at every meeting the President holds. If the VP were to be excluded from the meeting of the National Security Council that will be an issue. But a one-on-one meeting with an official? Softly, softly please and let’s give this government a chance to settle down.

  8. The VP does not have to be at every one-on-one meeting the President holds with state officials. If he were to be exempted from the meeting of the National Security Council that will be a serious issue. Give this government a chance to settle down please.

  9. Comment:I am not surprised. That is season 1 the same will be extended to the leaders of APC. It is just the beginning. If it does not happen that way, it can’t be the Buhari I know. Expect more.

  10. ALAWIYE apa kiini. You have not seen anything. Season 1. Wait and see. It is a pity if the VP is locked out of security meeting which lasted more than four hours. It is not surprising anyway.

  11. Comment: both the president and the vice president, each of them have their bounds as regarding the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.
    So, what a helk are u guys talking about.?

  12. Osinbajo is an infidel. Dat is y he can’t enter. D meeting is meant for d Muslim republic of Nigeria. There for he is not entitled to it.

  13. Osinbajo is an infidel. That is y he was not given access. So nw do u believe dat Nigeria is an Islamic Republic of Nigeria? Keep deceiving Ur selves under one Nigeria my foot

  14. This is not being very wise, so if the president becomes incapacitated today, the Vice President that would have to be the acting president will have to call another security briefing. This is complete maladministration, and I am shocked to get this kind of behaviour from Buhari, the agent of change.

    I can begin to imagine what the future of Nigeria may look like.

  15. Comment: President Buhari should know that Obasanjo is still alive o.
    And his also a general in the affairs of security agencies.
    And Osibanjo as a fresher will always need advise on way forward.

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