Gay Rights: ‘The world is full of evil people who are promoting...

Gay Rights: ‘The world is full of evil people who are promoting evil’ – Cleric

Catholic priest, Rev. Monsignor Sylvester Osigweh has condemned the legalization of gay marriage rights nationwide in the United States.

Monsignor Osigweh who is also the Spiritual Director of ‘Jesus is Love and Power Catholic Healing Ministry’ said the world is gradually challenging the Church.

In a sermon to mark his 76th birthday anniversary, Monsignor Osigweh of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ifo in Ogun State, said, “The world is now challenging the Church which is the central controller of morality in the world. The introduction of these things; man marrying man, woman marrying woman…I say, it is against God’s recommendation. But they are trying to control and condemn God’s recommendation.”

The cleric maintained that God instituted marriage between a man and a woman, adding that “anything that has to do with a man marrying another man is immoral and criminal. It is against God’s rules.

“The world is full of evil people who are promoting evil. All these things belong to the world. They are trying to recruit you into their immoral life with all manner of gimmickry into the world. Jesus, in one of his sermons said, ‘the road that leads to heaven is narrow and rough while the one to hell fire is broad and alluring. All they are looking for is earthly pleasure, merriment, freedom which they abuse.”

The cleric further urged Christians not to ‘patronize it and never recommend it to anyone’ sympathizing with President Barrack Obchat who, he said, found himself in a leadership position among very powerful and influential Congressmen, Vanguard reports.

He said, “America will love the good things about you and because they cannot be you, will want to contradict and influence you. I think Obama should not be blamed in this matter because he couldn’t have done otherwise because of the power play in the Congress.

“However, children of God should remain steadfast in serving and worshiping God always. Nobody should think that it will be all rosy or bitter all the time. God has his way for every individual. It is the way an individual understands his way that will make God allow him to operate. If your choice is good or bad, He will allow it. He has already spoken; never you do wrong, follow the right way and do the right thing.”


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