Guys, 3 Alarm Signs She Is FED UP

Guys, 3 Alarm Signs She Is FED UP

By iDate Daily on April 30, 2014
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by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide

Generally speaking, women tend to be more considerate and forgiving than men. A woman’s nurturing spirit practically forces her to have a big, open heart. This “openness” sometimes leads women to bear the brunt of relationships — making her vulnerable to being used excessively. Like all things in life, there comes a time when her big, open heart grows small and closed. She becomes so fed up with being the core that holds the relationship together that she leaves… Sometimes her absence is not in the physical sense, but it is certainly in the spiritual and mental senses.

There are warning signs that she gives youbefore she clocks out of the relationship. If you’ve missed them, consider the relationship deαd because it will take you pouring in 110 precent of yourself to win her back — and even then, she may be reluctant to give you another try. Below are three signs that a woman is fed up with your B.S.:

1. She stops “nagging” or complaining. Do you remember how much she used to annoy you when she kept bringing up the same thing over and over again? All she ever wanted was for you to acknowledge her concerns and try to work on a solution. When she stops bringing up these issues, she has probably found someone who brings more joy to her life than misery.

2. She’s quick to walk away from the relationship. If you find her being eager to walk away from the relationship after a simple argument, she virtually has one foot in the relationship and one foot out. At this point, she’s just waiting on you to officially end the relationship so that she doesn’t walk away feeling guilty and/or like she made a mistake.

3. She doesn’t ask you any questions, ever. When you make a store run at 10 PM and don’t return until 1 AM, she doesn’t care. When you walk out of the bedroom to answer a phone call late in the evening, she doesn’t care. When you tell her you’re hanging out with friends that she knows are bad influences for you and she doesn’t object to your plans, she doesn’t care. In other words, when she stops asking you questions — whether it be from general concern about your well-being and/or a lack of trust — she has officially moved on. She doesn’t want to ask you any questions because she doesn’t want you questioning what she’s doing.

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