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6 Tips To Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

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[dropcap]G[/dropcap]etting sick is a part of everyday life, and travelling doesn’t exempt you from that fact before you are more exposed to bugs, parasites, and environments. The fact of the matter is the longer you are travelling, the more likely you may get sick. The secret to reducing the chances of this, however, is to actively combat the risk factors of becoming sick in the first place. Jumia Travel, the leading online booking platform shares tips to prevent you from getting sick anytime you travel.

Wash your hands

Hand washing is the most important thing anybody can do to protect their health. If you can’t wash your hands right away, you should not touch your face to prevent germs from entering via your eyes, nose or mouth. You can also use a sanitizer as an alternative to soap and water.

Stay hydrated

Water is the source of all life. It is very essential that your body gets the fluids it needs to support a healthy immune system. Imbibe the habit of drinking water and other non-sugary, decaffeinated beverages. Your body and your health will thank you.

Eat healthily and exercise

A healthy diet filled with plenty of vegetables and fruits is a great way to stay healthy. Eat Also, exercising and eating healthy go hand in hand. Even though you are on vacation or travelling, do not forget to exercise. Exercising and eating healthily has so many great benefits to keep you from getting sick.

Protect yourself against the sun

Protecting yourself from the sun goes beyond getting a bad sunburn. You should cover up with loose clothing and even use a hat or scarf. If you don’t, then dehydration can set in very quickly, and that can lead to more serious conditions such as heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, which if left unattended can become a medical emergency.

Carry a medical kit

You cannot predict when you will fall sick, this is why you are advised to carry a medical kit whenever you travel. The kit should contain basic medical items.

Get enough sleep

This can be difficult if your trip involves a hectic schedule, noisy hotels or frequent flights, but it’s key to maintaining a healthy body system.

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