How To Come Out Of A Creative Slump

How To Come Out Of A Creative Slump

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As a photographer, you will sometimes feel you’ve hit a dead end creatively. You will have learnt new skills, put in all the hard work but it still seems not to work out for you. Or you just sit there and expect to one day get hit by some magical wand unleashing unending creative perspectives for your next shot. It doesn’t work that way, it never has and it never will. You have to work yourself out of the dump you are in. Here are six ways to get your creative self back;

Try falling in love with art, again

The first step to greatness as a photographer is to learn how to appreciate art. If your creative form takes a slump, try to revive it by visiting an art museum. Take note of which works of art you admire and why you do. Hopefully, this can help refresh your perspective and outlook to things and resuscitate your creativity. Read a lot about photography and look to other people’s work for inspiration. Click Here To Read More.

Trip to the zoo

This is for yourself. No client wanting a particular type of photography. It takes the pressure off your back and you are free to explore different aspects of photography. You can even choose to ignore the animals and capture entirely different shots. Who knows what you might come up with? It might turn out to be the spark you needed.

Tone down

We can’t argue that practice makes perfect. However, walking around clicking your camera at everything around you can counterproductively dull down your creativity. Instead of clicking at everything praying for that magical shot, how how minimizing your possibilities and creating the magic shot yourself.

If you can’t resist the temptation to click at everything, carry with you a small memory card that will limit the number of photos you can take. This will help you focus and have defined goals before taking your next shot. It helps you stay alert.

Stay humble

Always have the mindset of a beginner- open to learning and new opportunities. When you get self-absorbed and believe you are the best, your mind closes itself to new ideas and opportunities. Do not be a know-it-all. Photography is an art, therefore there is a new idea out there every single day. Pride will only help bury your dead creativity instead of resurrecting it.

Shadow those who you admire their work

Most photographers are always willing to share their skills and mentor upcoming proteges. Find someone who you admire their work and get to bond with them. Shadow them when they take on their projects- offering to hold their lights during shoots etc. You will be surprised by how much you can learn just from observing what they do.

Try something different

Get out of your comfort zone and explore other aspects of photography too. If all you do is shoot landscapes, change tact and try capturing family events. It will help you come up with new ideas. Besides, change once in a while doesn’t hurt.


Networking with other photographers can bring out the best in you. Not only online networking, but also consider physical interactions. Think about joining the photography club in your locality.


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