How You Can Overcome Mental Health Challenges Through Counseling

How You Can Overcome Mental Health Challenges Through Counseling

By Leo Vine | Contributor on August 28, 2020
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Today, a huge number of people are dealing with mental health challenges of different kinds but some people still do not understand the issue, and they make judgments when they should not. Mental health refers to behavioral, cognitive, and emotional well-being. It has to do with how people feel, think, and behave. It is important for people to seek help when they have mental health challenges because it can affect physical health, daily living, and relationships.

Conditions that affect mental health include depression, stress, and anxiety. The World Health Organization (WHO) stresses that mental health is not just the absence of mental disabilities or disorders, but mental health also includes looking after one’s ongoing happiness and wellness.

Mental health counselors can diagnose and provide treatment to people suffering from mental health disorders. Biological factors, lifestyle choices, social circumstances, and financial circumstances shape a person’s mental health. It is important to seek help for mental health challenges because untreated mental health problems can affect happiness, livelihood, family and other relationships.

What To Look For In a Mental Health Counselor

1. Practical Experience

The right mental health counselor will be a licensed professional with practical experience in the field. Before choosing a counselor, read through the person’s profile and look out for their education, training, experience, and skills. Experience in mental health counseling is crucial for successful treatment. Opt for a mental health counselor who has experience in the specific area of your problem.

2. License and Qualifications

A mental health counselor should be licensed, therefore when searching for one check if your mental health counselor is a licensed professional.

3. Good Treatment Plans and Options

You should ask your mental health counselor about treatment plans. You are within your rights to understand what the counselor has in store regarding your treatment. There are a variety of treatment options which the counselor can choose from. Discuss with the counselor, understand it, ask questions and put forward your views.

Although mental health counseling is professional and health-based, after considering experience, qualifications, and the treatment plans the counselor has in store, also ensure that you choose a counselor you can communicate with. Communication will be vital to successful treatment. You should be able to communicate with your mental health counselor. In addition, ensure that you choose a counselor who fits with your spiritual beliefs and sexual orientation ie LGBTQ.

When you do move ahead and begin your mental health counseling, ensure that you approach the process in a healthy way and do not allow ignorant societal stigma on mental health interfere with your treatment, as well as your emotional and social well-being.

Some Ways You Can Fight Mental Health Stigma:

1. Stay Informed About The Issues

Take the time to read and understand the issues so that you do not misrepresent or misunderstand your mental health issues. If possible, spread awareness on the issue to enable the people close to you understand and appreciate your position.

2. Avoid Using Any Stigmatizing Language

Avoid using stigmatizing language to refer to your mental health issues. You may at one time or another heard the words “mental case”, “nuts”, or “insane”. Those are negative stigmatizing words used by people who do not understand the issues and it causes more harm than good.

3. Decide Not To Be a Victim

No matter the pressure or pervasive ignorance on some mental health issues, choose not to be a victim. See yourself as seeking help for a legitimate concern in order to ensure your mental and emotional health which will guarantee your happiness in other areas of your life. When you look at it positively and purposely, you erase any stigma society may place on it.

Get Help From A Mental Health Counselor

A mental health counselor is one who works with groups or individuals to promote optimum emotional and mental health. They set up a treatment plan for each patient and provide ongoing treatment as part of the plan. These mental health professionals focus on clinical work in hospitals, private practice, rehabilitation centres, and in other inpatient facilities. You can book an appointment with a mental health counselor online.


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