4 Keys To Good Mental Health Through Lifestyle And Counseling

4 Keys To Good Mental Health Through Lifestyle And Counseling

By Leo Vine | Contributor on August 28, 2020
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Mental health has to do with your mental and emotional health. It affects your personal life, your relationships, and your well-being. It is therefore essential that you look after your mental health. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your mental health is always in top form. Some of them are things you can do by yourself; it requires adjusting your lifestyle in simple ways. Other issues that arise may require the help of a mental health counselor.

Here are the 4 Keys To Good Mental Health

1. Sufficient Sleep

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Professionals typically recommend eight hours of sleep per night for adults; they claim that eight hours is just optimal. More than eight hours of sleep a night may lead to sluggishness or depression, and less than eight hours of sleep a night might lead to tiredness, anxiety, or nervousness. Some people find that they cannot concentrate on mental tasks when they do not get enough sleep at night. As a result you then find a society heavily dependent on coffee and other stimulants.

On a general note, one should try to get enough sleep but not sleep beyond eight hours every night in order not to fall into depression and aimlessness. Depending on your job or work schedule, you could schedule a nap during the day to make up for the lack of sleeping sufficiently at night. In addition, if you work nights, you should schedule time to have enough sleep during the day.

2. Lifestyle: Diet and Exercise

Getting regular exercise helps your mental health tremendously. Going for runs or long brisk walks clears your mind and puts you in a new vibration. Exercise helps to reduce stress which also helps with your mental health. Exercise is also a natural anti-anxiety treatment that also boosts mental and physical energy, and enhances your well-being via the release of endorphins.

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Regular exercise also helps you sleep better at night. It improves overall mood and relieves stress. Studies show that exercise can treat mild or moderate depression in adults.

Your diet can also affect your mental health. Studies in neuroscience reveal that there is a link between certain diets and mental health. Poor diets tend to worsen mood disorders like depression and anxiety, while diets rich in vegetables and good oils, like olive oil can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some Mediterranean diets help in this regard. Adopting a healthy diet and sensible exercise routine as a lifestyle choice will bring lasting wellbeing.

3. Social Contact

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It is helpful for your mental health to engage with others socially through conversations and through other social settings. In event that meeting face-to-face is not possible, it is still necessary to connect with people, converse with them, and have a social life.

For instance, being only online and interacting with total strangers through social media, and spending hours in isolation playing video or computer games days on end does not help your mental health. Connecting with real people you know and maintaining a relationship with them socially helps your mental health. Incorporating regular attendance of social events into your lifestyle is highly recommended.

4. Seeking Mental Health Help From a Counselor

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It is crucial to seek help from a licensed mental health counselor. Nowadays, you can search for and obtain mental health counseling online from licensed professionals. Sessions can be held via video conferencing software. It is more convenient and more cost effective than going to a therapist’s physical office. You also have the benefit of searching through directories and finding the right counselor that meets your specific need, even though they may not be physically based in your locality.

These are some ways to having good mental health. You need to look after your mental health because it determines outcomes in other areas of your life.


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