Indica vs Sativa: 4 Key Differences Between The Cannabis Strains

Indica vs Sativa: 4 Key Differences Between The Cannabis Strains

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The cannabis market is saturated with over a thousand strains of the herb. New and existing marijuana smokers are often going on fact-finding journeys in search of the most efficacious option for them.

“Do your research. Buy the appropriate marijuana strain that will meet your health needs. Focus on getting an uncontaminated and therapeutic strain,” says Ricky Marlon MD, a psychiatrist and cannabis researcher in the University of Jamaica. “Don’t opt for an ultra-low THC, non-psychoactive CBD hybrid just because it worked for your friend. Speak to an expert, but most of all, study the facts on Indica vs sativa marijuana strains.”

Before we delve further into the different kinds of marijuana strains, let’s define cannabis.

Cannabis is a blossoming medicinal plant that contains several psychoactive substances. It produces cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Cannabis exists in three slightly varying strains:

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Ruderalis

The ruderalis specie is rarely talked about because of its low strength and relative lack of potency.

This explains why cultivators, medical experts and patients tend to focus more on the indica and sativa marijuana strains.

Indica Vs Sativa Marijuana Strains—Differences and Similarities.

On close inspection, one can notice the variations in the physical layouts of Indica and sativa plants. For instance, while sativa plants are slimmer and taller, the indica variety is bushier and wilder.

There are also marked differences in physiological effects.

“Sativa strains give smokers more of a head high, while indica offers a body high,” says Ricky Marlon MD. “If you want a pain reliever or a sleeping herb, then you should opt for the indica strain. Sativa is excellent for mental alertness and a boost in creativity. In my office, we often joke that Bob Marley must have been a fan of the sativa strain.”

Both drugs are consumed either for recreational purposes or for their medical efficacy. Most patients use both. According to experts, sativa is best used in the daytime; indica is best taken at night.

Factors That Determine Indica Vs Sativa Marijuana Strains

Terpenes give cannabis strains their distinct pungent aromas. If you have ever perceived the smell of cannabinoids, then you know how terpenes smell.

These terpenes are primary determinants of the status of a marijuana strain.

“If a terpene like Myrcene is present in a volume greater than 0.5%, then that marijuana strain will automatically be classed under indica,” says Ricky Marlon MD. “Myrcene is a potent cure for insomnia, anxiety disorder, depression and similar mental illnesses. If it contains less than 0.5 % of myrcene, then it is categorized under the sativa label.”

For higher medical results, cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) are often paired with terpenes. Experts have proved that most terpenes bumper or improve the properties of key cannabinoids.

Important facts to know about marijuana strain hybrids

Most marijuana strains are hybrids. One can rarely get unadulterated indica or sativa.

If your goal is simply to get high, you will have to look beyond the high percentage of THC in the product. Don’t forget that the quality of cannabis hybrids is determined by the combination of the terpenes and the percentages of THC, CBD and CBN.

“For those who want the buzz of the high, your best bet is a high THC and low CBD combo. CBD buffers the high, although it enhances the medical efficacy of the hybrid,” says Ricky Marlon.

The Medical Efficacy of Indica Vs Sativa Marijuana Strains

Contrary to popular opinion, one strain isn’t more medically potent than the other. These two marijuana subspecies simply have distinct medical effects.

“Indica strain isn’t a good choice for patients with low energy levels because of its tendency to reduce energy levels,” says Ricky Marlon. “It is potent as a stress relief. It helps the body relax and rest. ”

If your goal is to boost mental productivity, sativa is a more potent option.

“Want to feel inspired and cerebral? Sativa is exactly what you should opt for. The low myrcene levels enhance its potency in boosting creativity and productivity.”

A final word on indica vs sativa marijuana strains

Experts recommend that cannabis users choose strains advisedly, especially if the patient is reliant on black market supplies. But there’s no real need to depend on the black market when you can get your supply easily from suppliers like this online dispensary canada.

Because the sativa species of cannabis takes more time to grow, cultivators tend to focus on growing indica. Indicas require much less time and they yield more medicinal flowers than sativas. The market is often flooded with ideas. Beware lest the black market dealers offer you indica when you order a sativa.

Before you consume any marijuana drug, find out its specific strain. If possible get it tested for concentration and possible contamination.


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