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5 Tips On Improving Your iPhone Experience

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iPhones are the new best tool today (literally), not the screwdrivers and hammer anymore. iPhones are used for almost everything and God forbid if they get infected with bugs and viruses, our day-to-day life comes to a standstill. And as they say, iPhones are no longer just phones but an experience in it. iPhones have become a symbol of the best technology that is available for any smartphone.

iPhones are equipped to perform so many unique functions that most of us are unaware of. In literal terms, iPhones are purely addictive and one can hardly do without them. So here we tell you how you can maximize your iPhone usage and make its usage faster and better.

Calling your husband or the electrician made easy.

To make a call, now you don’t have to unlock your phone and search for a number from the long list of contacts. All you have to do is to tell Siri your relationship with the particular person. For instance, tell Siri “John Walker is my husband” and next time you want to call your husband, just tell Siri “call my husband” and that’s all, you are on the call with your husband.

Stretching the battery life.

A dying battery is the most annoying thing when it comes to a smartphone. Thus, iPhone has enhanced its batteries performance to a great deal. And even you can make sure to maximize the battery usage by switching on the ‘Low Power Mode’ early. Don’t wait for the battery power to reach 20% or so to turn this feature on. “Low Power Mode’ turns off all the battery consuming applications and also ensures maximum optimization of the battery power. Manually turning the screen brightness to the minimum also helps in stretching the power on your iPhone.

Touch ID optimization.

Passcodes and IDs make your IPhone safer and better secured. To make your Touch ID more effective and faster, use only one finger as the key instead of multiple fingers as the IOS suggests. Scan only one finger or thumb, as you like it, and repeat the same finger as your passcode. This will help in unlocking your phone in one go.

Follow the link to know ‘how to reset restrictions passcode on iPhone.

Photos brought to life.

For many of us, the photos on our smartphones are the fondest memories and IPhone takes it a step ahead by adding the ‘Live’ feature to its camera. The camera comes with an inbuilt feature which captures a few seconds of videos before and after the shot. On reviewing the photo in the gallery, they come to life with just a hard press on the photo. Live photos capture the voices too, so beware of what you say during the shot.

Backup of your data.

As said earlier, iPhones do almost everything and store all your important data and information. And if your phone breaks down or locks up and you don’t remember the password, then you are in a fix. IPhone comes to rescue here too. You can retrieve your important backup locked iPhone data by following the link here.

Write your message.

The new iPhones come with a feature which allows you to write your messages instead of typing them. To do this, go to the iMessage area where you type your message. Change the screen orientation to landscape and the writing area appears. Look for a squiggly line at the bottom of the IOS keyboard and you can write all you want with your fingers.

Faster switching to another app.

Multitasking is the need for the day and iPhone makes it easier to multitask on your smartphone. If you wish to multitask between apps, you can do so by pressing the Home button twice. All the recently opened apps appear and you can select the one you want. Another option is to press down on the left side of the screen and swipe to the right; you’ll see the last app appear and you can switch to it quickly. Pressing harder will launch the full multitasking menu with all your recently used apps.

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