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Shine Your Eyes, Nigerians, Whether You’re A Christian Or Free Thinker [MUST READ]

Must read

by Frank O’Raymonds

There is the big picture of the evil that President Muhammadu Buhari is hatching against the rest of us.

While the ignorant Southerners, called Southern Fools in Islamist forums, continue to call everything a “conspiracy theory” even at their own detriment, on the other hand, the serpentine Muslim North pretend they are opposing the nefarious plot of the Jihadists in Nigeria… a smokescreen to keep the “Southern Fools” in perpetually in the dark.

While all this drama is acting out, those who can discern the truth will see it…

Buhari and his co-Islamists want to make Nigeria an Islamic country. They know that it is an uphill task, but they have three clear options and they are exploiting it to achieve their murderous agenda.

First attempt is constitutional means… This accounts to why they are sponsoring two separate bills in the Senate and House of Representatives. While the bill to expand Sharia law to cover the entire country is being pushed through the House of Reps, the second is the Grazing Reserve Bill being pushed through the Senate.

The passage of these bills or even one of it will be a great victory for the Jihadist. That’s why we must not allow the bills to be passed into law. I call this Judicial Jihad.

The second option is through economic means… This is accentuated by the special right accorded to Jaiz Islamic Bank by CBN as the only bank to handle a particular government intervention scheme. I call this Economic Jihad.

The third option is Physical Jihad, which is the use of force and coercion to achieve their plans. Recent and current events can testify to this… This option is being tested by the use of Boko Haram terrorists disguising as Fulani Herdsmen to launch intermittent attacks on Christian communities in the North, Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria.

Recent event is the unilateral enrolment of Nigeria in the Saudi Arabia Islamic Military Alliance by Buhari without the legislative instrument of the National Assembly for such action that bothers on the security of our country.

Then the latest being the appointment of all Muslims to head all our security institutions while retiring top senior military leaders from the Southern Nigeria. Now, this is the implication.. It means that the Southern part of Nigeria will never be privy to security meetings in and outside Nigeria.

This is grave… But so unfortunate that our Southern political and religious leaders are not seeing the big picture and the evil that Buhari and his co-Islamists are hatching against the rest of us.

Frank O’Raymonds in a advocate for justice and peace in Nigeria. Connect with him on Facebook. 

The opinion expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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