Judge Orders A Man’s Penis Be Measured After Wife Testified It Is...

Judge Orders A Man’s Penis Be Measured After Wife Testified It Is ‘Too Short To Hang Out’ In Court

By Wires | The Trent on August 24, 2014
Apprentice, Lagos, Court

A woman came to her husband’s defense after he was accused of exposing himself to a child. 

The 54-year-old man of Germany, who was identified as Herbert O., was delivering a package to a family when he was accused of exhibitionism.

According to police, when the teenage daughter opened the door, Herbert allegedly showed her his “package.”

However, Herbert said that it is too under-endowed to have flashed the girl. His wife also took the stand and testified in court to his lack of inches. 

She told the local court in the town of Leer in East Frisia, that her husband’s penis is too short to hang out of his pants.

Defense attorney Lutz Winkler asked the judge, Ulrike Andrees, to measure the man’s privates in order to verify the woman’s claim. 

The judge refused to see it herself but asked the coroner’s office to measure it. “If the wife has spoken so candidly about this, I have to follow up,” the judge said. 

Winkler is determined to clear his client’s name, and has refused the prosecutor’s offer to settle the case for a fine.

Now, the court in waiting for the coroner’s office to testify about their findings.

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