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Kate Henshaw Announces She’s Leaving Facebook… Find Out Why (CLICK)

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Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has finally decided to leave Facebook.

The actress made this information known on her Facebook page, that’s right!

She said she has suffered brand reputation damages because of the actions of fraudsters using her name to defraud unsuspecting fans and members of the public.

Henshaw said she has complained to Facebook and the site did nothing to shut down fake Kate Henshaw profiles and fan sites.

So, she is leaving.

See her full test of her announcement below:

Despite the efforts I have made warning people about the fraudulent activities going on with the use of my name, people are still gullible and greedy enough to believe that I would be giving out laptops, blackberry phone and modem ALL FOR FREE and all they would have to do is pay for courier fees???!!!! Really!!

Several messages months earlier and even last year. I still reported to the police and that one is a long story. I also contacted facebook but all to no avail as there are over 30 “Kate Henshaw’s” out there and “Kate Henshaw Fan Pages”!! My brand, ONGA SEASONING is being tainted and other brands I represented in the past..

So I have made the decision to leave Facebook for good since they cannot offer me the security I require.

The world is so small now that anyone can use your image and name for all sorts of shenanigans without consequences!! This departure will be effective by the end of this week…I have worked too hard to have my name soiled.

Thanks people for all the love shown all this time. Best wishes all round.


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