Ladies: 7 Beauty Sins You Commit That Turn Men Absolutely Off

Ladies: 7 Beauty Sins You Commit That Turn Men Absolutely Off

By The Times of India on June 14, 2015

Just like women notice the unkempt nails, over-plucked eyebrows and deodorant overload in men, guys too notice the beauty mistakes women commit. Here’s a list you need to avoid…

Layers of makeup Heavy, cakey foundation is something that men notice right away. Use a light tinted moisturiser and go easy on concealers. Nothing can beat the appeal of natural radiance.

Spidery eyelashes Lumpy extra-coated lashes and falsies can give you that trying-too-hard look. Use an eyelash curler and light mascara.

Flaky, dry skin Smooth, well-waxed legs and arms spell sexy. Stay away from stubble on your legs, dry and rough knees, flaky skin and chapped lips. Massage a nourishing moisturising lotion daily.

Overloaded hair Soft, wavy hair has a timeless appeal. Product load can make them unnatural and stiff. Go easy on gels and sprays.

Shiny sticky lip gloss Kissable — that is how lips should be, no? A subtle pinkish sheen is great. Sticky lip-gloss can be unappealing, with flyaway hair sticking to it.

Dark lipstick Yes, a red pout might have that ‘come hither’ effect, but it can also be a turn-off for some. Lips with light, neutral hues work best. Choose nudes and pinks.

Unappealing yellowing teeth This can be a big put-off. The first thing someone notices about you is your smile, so make sure your teeth are white. Dental health should be an important part of your hygiene.

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