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Ladies, 7 Signs He’ll Be GOOD In Bed

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Time is one of our most expensive assets; right? So, we ladies don’t want to waste our precious time on a guy who couldn’t turn on a light switch, let alone you.  Here’s seven ways that you can spot whether your dude is a dud or whether the guy you’re seeing is going to be great in bed.

He’s a John Travolta

Even though he’s a little past it these days, everyone knows that in his prime John Travolta was a smoking hot lover. How? Well, because of his dance floor moves. Any man who can move his hips like that is going to be able to satisfy all of your needs. The next time you go out with this guy get him on the dance floor and see if he has rhythm. If he does the next checkbox your guy needs to tick is whether there is chemistry between the two of you when you dance together. If there is you know that sex is going to intimate, wild and everything in between.

The kiss

For once the rom-com movies have got it right – the rest of your relationship all rests on the success of your first kiss. At least, this is true in terms of your physical relationship. The first kiss signals to you how you both work together on a physical level. If your teeth clash or your mouths work on alternate rhythms then you know that your sex is going to be awkward and a tad messy. If the kiss makes you feel as if your insides have turned to liquid or if it makes you want to jump on this guy and rip off his shirt – even though you’re both currently in a very swanky restaurant – then you are guaranteed to have a passionate night you will never, ever forget.

So, where did you grow up?

If you want to know if he’ll be good in bed all you need to do is listen. When you are both talking does he ask you interesting and personal questions about yourself? If he does, then it shows he’s caring, attentive and wants to understand you and your needs. This is great news for your love life because all of these qualities will be transferred into the bedroom. You can expect him to ask you what you want and make sure he puts you and your wants before his own. Yet if he only talks about himself and ignores your attempts to bring the conversation back to you then beware, he might be one of those men who selfishly comes before you’ve even had a chance to get warmed up.


We all know that being good in bed isn’t just about how long he lasts and the special moves your guy can bestow. If you pull down his pants and are faced with a tangled bush of disgusting hair then chances are the desire you had for your date will have quickly vanished. Yet you can’t just bluntly ask your man how he takes care of his – for want of a better phrase – male garden. Instead you can look at the rest of his hair and see how well groomed he is. Does he have calluses on his hands? Is he well shaved? Does his hair need cutting? If you dare, try to get a whiff of your man. If your date keeps on top of these key areas you should be safe to enter his nether regions.

He’s firm

When you two first got together who asked who? If he asked you out then it’s a sign that your man knows what he wants and isn’t shy to go out and get out. However, it is the twenty-first century and women are perfectly capable of asking out the guys they like themselves. So, if you want to know if he’ll be good in bed see how he copes with making other decisions. For example, you could ask your man to choose where you go on your date. If he dithers and ends up asking you what you want to do, you know he’s not self-assured enough to make decisions and so when you go to bed together, he’ll never voice his needs. Although this sounds like a good thing, sex isn’t that enjoyable unless both of you get what you want.

He laughed when he screamed like a girl

Dates can be nerve wracking and consequently people often end up doing really quite embarrassing things. You might find that you knock over your wine, or get your necklace caught in the sushi conveyor belt and end up getting dragged around the sushi restaurant like a show horse. Your guy might also do something he wouldn’t normally do because of his nerves – like scream like a girl when a car backfires. If your man does this watch how he reacts. If he tries to blame the scream on the 10 year-old girl standing next to him you know that he won’t be good in bed. This is because sex, like dates, can also be embarrassing. If one of you ends up doing something cringe-worthy in bed you want to know you can both laugh about it. A good sense of humour is the key to a good night under the covers.

His body says it all

Now, when we say his body says it all we’re not saying that just because he’s got a body that could rival Brad Pitt’s that he’s going to be good in bed – even though it would most certainly help. In fact, we’re talking about body language. If your guy crosses his arms or his legs throughout your date then it’s a sign he’s not actually in to you. Other signs he doesn’t like you that much is if he doesn’t touch you on your date or if he doesn’t maintain eye contact. Watch out for these telling body signals because, even though he’s not interested in you, he may still try and sleep with you. Plus the sex will be awful; he’s not even worth shaving your legs for.

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