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Guys, 5 Things That Turn Her Off In Bed

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Here’s your guide on what not to do in bed. Check out this list of bedroom mistakes to find out what you should never do in bed; we’ll even give you some tips and advice on how to avoid these bedroom blunders in the future:

Worst thing to do in bed: skip the foreplay

If you’re one of those guys who thinks foreplay is a quaint, long-forgotten tradition you need to wise up. If you don’t commit to a decent amount of pre-sex fun then your girl probably won’t come and you will be placed into her book of “bad lays”.  So how long should you spend getting ready for the main event? Well, on average people spend 19.7 minutes on foreplay. Although this may seem a lot, remember foreplay can begin outside of the bedroom and doesn’t have to be focused on your girl’s hotspots. In fact, it’s best if you avoid your girl’s main erogenous zones to begin with and instead touch her in the not-so-obvious places. Her back and feet are good places to begin. For example, you could offer to give her a back massage whilst watching TV. Once this base layer of intimacy is laid you can then escalate to the raunchier moves and then move onto sex. Building up your intimacy in this way will maximise your girl’s chances of hitting the high notes in bed and will ensure you stay out of her little book of “bad lays”.

Worst thing to do in bed: who are you?

Rule number one – if you’re in bed with a girl you need to know her name. Don’t listen to those guys who tell you that shouting out another girl’s name will make you look like an absolute player. You’ll just look like a fool who is desperately clinging to the memory of your ex.  However, if you do commit this sin, you will need to act fast and have a backup plan. First, make sure she actually heard you. If she did hear you will need to play it down. Don’t over-apologise as this will allow your girl to read too much into it. Instead try to brush it off and continue. Chances are your bedtime action is over, but you can always try. If you like the girl and she’s still mad at you after a little while blame it on stress at work or claim that you were really tired.

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Worst thing to do in bed: act like a sex star

We all know that, deep down, every man thinks they’re a sex star. Yet, when you’re in bed with a girl you’ve just pulled, it’s best to keep this little fantasy to yourself. Your under-the-sheets moment should not be confused with an adult movie and you need to remember to keep it clean – at least for the first time. If you don’t, you’ll be at risk of scaring your girl off. If you’ve been dating a girl for a little while, you can begin to experiment with new moves and talking dirty. Yet remember, even after you’ve been dating for a while you still need to keep a kinky-romantic balance. If you and your girl have been enjoying some more risqué love sessions throw in the odd romantic move now and again. Take it slow and show your girl lots of affection.

Worst thing to do in bed: flatten her

It’s not easy to feel hot and sexy once you’ve been flattened, so never lay on your girl during sex. It’s uncomfortable, unromantic and makes you look like a lazy slob. If you struggle to stay on your arms during sex, try out some more comfortable positions. Try the side spoon. Your girl should lie in front of you on her side whilst you spoon and enter her from behind. Or, why not split the work? You can go on top for a while, and then ask your girl to take over. Alternatively, build up your upper body strength and your core. Make a sexercise regime that focuses on: push-ups, sit-ups, pelvic tilts, dead-lifts, torso side bends and pull-ups.

Worst thing to do in bed: exit early

If you’ve just had sex with a girl, what do you do next? Do you a) Have a shower, b) Call a cab or c) Stay for some post-sex snuggling? If you want to have a rematch with this girl and answered a or b, you need to change your ways. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research suggests that women may use short-term affairs to assess whether she wants to become involved with a guy. If a man is intimate with her then she is more likely to see him again. So to get more action you need to take the time to cuddle your girl. It tells her you care and that you’re not just interested in her for the sex. If you struggle to cuddle, remember that girl won’t think you’re vulnerable or weak when you hug her. It shows that you are man enough to be intimate.

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