Ladies, This Is Why You Don’t Always Feel Like Having Sex

Ladies, This Is Why You Don’t Always Feel Like Having Sex

By Metro UK on May 18, 2015
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Whiskey vagina or ‘whiskey vagdryna’, much like cotton vagina, is a thing and FYI it’s why you’re not getting wet down there.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sex Research, which included 18 females, booze is a total killjoy when it comes to getting it on and *really* getting off.

The study, which kept each participant at different blood alcohol levels before watching pornographic material and masturbating to reach orgasm, found that ‘alcohol‐induced orgasmic dysfunction’ is a very real thing.

Results revealed that: ‘increasing levels of acute alcohol intoxication are related to systematic changes in female orgasmic experience reflected by physiological, behavioural, and cognitive indices’. We knew it.

One too many whiskey cocktails being a major slow down in the sack is no real shocker (whiskey d*ck is also a thing), because, like most things in life, less is more.

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The findings ‘suggest that women’s orgasm will occur more readily under conditions of no alcohol consumption’, though let’s be realistic here – we all need some Dutch courage when it comes to getting our sex game on (naked scarf dance).

‘Modest intake of alcohol, however, may be expected to result in greater feelings of sexual arousal, a more enjoyable orgasmic experience, and only a moderate increase in the time it takes to reach orgasm.’

You heard it hear first, ladies – modesty is everything when it comes to avoiding whiskey vag.

Drink wisely, get yours.

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