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Man Caught Red-Handed Having SEX With CAMEL Around Midnight

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A 19-year-old man, Diba Ali, has been arrested and arraigned after he was allegedly caught having sex with a camel.

Ali, a herdsman, was charged for bestiality during arraignment before a Marsabit Magistrates’ Court Dirib Gombo,  in Kenya and he pleaded guilty to the charge and prayed for leniency on Thursday, September 3, 2015.

Following his guilty plea, the accused was consequently sentenced to one year in prison with a fine of Sh200,000 by the Principal Magistrate, Boaz Ombewa.

According to the prosecution council, Ali was caught in the act by a fellow herdsman, Galacha Jillo, around midnight of a fateful day.

The case prosecutors further told the court that the two herdsmen were resting after grazing livestock belonging to one Jattani Galgallo, when Jillo woke up and heard funny noises in a nearby bush and crawled to the direction of the sound only to be shocked to the marrows with the sight of his colleague having sex with a camel.

The latter reportedly raised an alarm which attracted the attention of neighbours to the scene and they arrested Ali before informing the owner of the herd of the development and subsequently handed him over to the police for prosecution.

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