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Man Sentenced To Death For Rape And Murder Of 7-Year-Old Girl

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Imran Ali, a suspected serial killer was sentenced by a Pakistani anti-terrorism court on Saturday, February 17, 2018, to death for the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl, a prosecutor said.

The murder of the girl triggered nationwide protests over allegations of government inaction, and a media campaign led to his arrest after years of him being on the loose.

Rape Murder Protest
People chant slogans to condemn the rape and killing of seven-year-old girl | CBC

Zainab Ansari’s body was found by Police in a garbage dumpster in Kasur district near the eastern city of Lahore in mid-January, 2018, four days after she was reported missing.

Residents of the area have said the murder was the 12 time such incident happen in a year. Police investigators said later that they had matched DNA from eight girls’ bodies, including Zainab‘s, with the convicted killer, Imran Ali, 24.

“The court gave him the death sentence on four counts and life imprisonment to Imran Ali in the rape and murder of the little girl, Zainab,” government prosecutor Ehtisham Qadir Shah told Reuters.

He said Ali will be tried for rest of the cases later.

Hundreds of residents protested after Zainab’s body was found, and two were killed when police fired shots to disperse them.

Police identified Ali as one of Zainab’s neighbors, and CCTV footage on the day she was abducted showed her walking off calmly with a man.

In the same district, Kasur, there have been complaints of a number of missing children since 2015 when authorities uncovered what they said was a paedophile ring linked to a prominent local family.

At least two people have been convicted in connection with that case, in which authorities say hundreds of children in the district were abused.

Zainab’s case has triggered a debate in Pakistan over whether to teach children how to guard against sex abuse, which otherwise is a taboo subject in the Muslim majority nation.

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