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Man Walks Into Police Station With Mystery Severed Penis In Plastic Bag

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A man had stormed a Central Coast police station with a severed police inside a plastic bag with claims that the mystery organ was found by his neighbour’s dog.

The unidentified man in the Watagans National Park, about 60km north-west from Toukley claimed that the severed member belonged to a man even though the police reveal that there are possibilities that it could be otherwise.

New Telegraph reported that the man walked into the Toukley Police Station on Main Street in Australia on the fateful day.

An ambulance was called to carry out an inspection on the contents before they took it to a nearby medical center for further tests.

A police spokesman said, “Police called the ambulance service who inspected the contents and agreed it appeared to be some form of tissue matter that could be a penis.”

“But we are not positive and it is now being taken to a nearby medical facility to be inspected.”

He added that it seems that whatever the tissue was it had not been severed recently.

“First we have to establish if it is human and if it is obviously the investigation will widen from there.”

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