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Man’s Eye Plucked Out For Attacking Another Man With An Acid

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A man who disfigured another man’s face after an acid attack has received a capital punishment for his deeds.

Authorities have on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 plucked out Hamid’s left eye and also cut off his ear under Iran’s brutal justice system, Mirror UK reports.

The gouging of his right eye was postponed till a later date after which he goes completely blind.

Hamid, who is an inmate in one of the country’s prisons was allegedly hired by some persons believed to be related to the wife of his victim, Davoud Roushanaei to attack him with acid in August 2009.

Authorities sentenced Hamid to qesas, otherwise known as ‘retribution-in-kind’ for his deeds which he committed in the city of Qom.

However, it is not clear whether the eyes were gouged by doctors or the victim of the acid attack.

Meanwhile, Hamid was ordered to pay “blood money” (diyah) and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

While some persons hold different views about the punishment, an Iranian Amnesty International researcher, Raha Bahreini said, “Punishing someone by deliberately blinding them is an unspeakably cruel and shocking act.

“This punishment exposes the utter brutality of Iran’s justice system and underlines the Iranian authorities’ shocking disregard for basic humanity.

“Meting out cruel and inhuman retribution punishments is not justice.

“Blinding, like stoning, amputation and flogging, is a form of corporal punishment prohibited by international law. Such punishments should not be carried out under any circumstances.”

“The fact that in the weeks leading to their session before the UN Human Rights Council the Iranian authorities have scheduled the execution of child offender Saman Naseem, carried out the execution of six Sunni men after grossly unfair trials, and now carried out this macabre punishment – speaks volumes about the hollowness of Iran’s rhetoric on reform and human rights.”

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