‘Father Mbaka Is Spiritually Bankrupt, Possessed By Evil Forces’ – Imo Group...

‘Father Mbaka Is Spiritually Bankrupt, Possessed By Evil Forces’ – Imo Group Declares

By Wires Editor | The Trent on February 4, 2020
Rev Father Ejike Mbaka , Father Mbaka, President Muhammadu Buhari
Rev Father Ejike Mbaka during an audience with President Muhammadu Buhari at Aso Rock Villa on December 18, 2015 | State House Photo

Ejike Mbaka, a fiery priest of the Adoration Ministries has once again come under serious criticism over his fulfilled prophecy on the Supreme Court judgement which saw Emeka Ihedioha removed from as Imo State governor, to be replaced with Hope Uzodinma.

The Rebuild Imo Media, RIM, was scathing in its criticism of the controversial Catholic priest, accusing him of being possessed by evil forces and a willing tool in the hands evil.

In a press statement by the coordinator of the group, Amanze Obi, made available to journalists on Sunday, February 2, 2020, in Owerri, it was claimed that Mbaka is spiritually bankrupt for deducing that the glory of God departed from Ihedioha because he surrounded himself with those who do not want him to work.

Obi described as more laughable Mbaka’s claim that his ministry is directed by the Holy Spirit in accordance with Catholic doctrines.

He said “We are amused because Mbaka is the least qualified person to talk about the Holy Spirit. If there is any spirit that dwells in Mbaka, it is that of sorcery and divination, and these are indulgences unbecoming of a supposed man of God.

Mbaka’s actions and utterance, Obi pointed out, contradicts the doctrines of the Catholic Church he claims to represent.

“We are scandalized the more by Mbaka’s claim to Catholicism. It is a well-known fact that Mbaka is a religious pariah who has been working hard to bring odium and disrepute to the Catholic Church,” Obi stated.

He continued: “Were it not for the fact that Catholicism is an age-old and worldwide faith, Mbaka would have brought it to its knees with his unchristian indulgences.

“It is common knowledge that Mbaka, an ordained priest of the Catholic Church, has sold himself to the devil. Thus, rather than the Holy Spirit dwelling in him, Mbaka is possessed by evil forces and this is why he is always a willing tool in the hands of evil men,” the spokesman alleged.

Obi, further taking a swipe on the priest, said: “Rather than talk of the glory of God departing from Ihedioha, Mbaka should engage in soul-searching. If he still has the mental composure to do that, he will discover that he is not just spiritually bankrupt, he has also become morally obtuse. That is why he feels no qualms of conscience playing the devil’s advocate. We pity this supposed man of God who swims freely in the ocean of idolatry.

Notwithstanding, Ihedioha, he maintained, remains a rare gift to the people of the state, following his numerous achievements in his short stay in office.

He said: “For the avoidance of doubt, Governor Ihedioha remains the people’s governor. In the few months that he was in the saddle, the people of Imo state had cause to smile.

“As governor, Ihedioha recognised the fact that governance is about the people. Accordingly, he touched the people’s lives in many positive ways. The workforce brimmed with smiles again because they were getting their due. Pensioners who had lost hope of their tomorrow were given hope again through prompt payment of pensions and gratuities.

“Dilapidated and moribund infrastructure was brought back to life. Above all, Imo roads got a quick facelift through his government’s massive road reconstruction and rehabilitation drive,” Obi highlighted.

Contrary to Mbaka’s claim that God’s glory departed from Ihedioha because of those that he chose to work for him, the media coordinator said they had contributed to his achievements.

“Contrary to Mbaka’s warped imagination, Ihedioha was able to achieve so much in so short a time because he was surrounded by competent hands who recognize the fact that democracy is about the people.”

Obi expressed confidence that Ihedioha would soon be restored to his position.

According to him, “Mbaka and his cohorts may have stopped Ihedioha in his tracks, but the good people of Imo state are confident that the man they chose as their governor will regain his rightful position in the fullness of time.”

He added that “his removal by evil forces who recruited Mbaka to play the spoilsport is only a temporary setback. He will, sooner or later, bounce back. Ihedioha will certainly laugh last and this will be to the eternal shame of those who set out to destroy him and the good people of Imo State.

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