The parents of a baby were distressed when they found out she was born with 15 fingers and 16 toes: seven fingers on his right hand, eight on his left and eight toes on each of his feet.

The baby named Honghong suffers from an extreme case of a rare medical condition known as polydactyly which could be corrected through surgery.

Polydactylism is a congenital condition characterised by supernumerary fingers or toes ñ also has two palms, but no thumbs on either hand.

Honghng’s parents are migrant workers from the village of Zhongping, in Pingjiang County of Chinaís central Hunan Province.

Honghong’s mother, who works in a factory in Shenzhen City, suffers from polydactyly as well but it is not as severe as his  as she had only 12 fingers and 12 toes, Metro UK reports.

The baby’s dad, Zou Chenglin, said: “My wife has one extra finger and toe on each of her hands and feet, so we were worried that our child would inherit the condition.

“But after going to three big hospitals in Shenzhen, doctors found no birth defects on our son during scans.”

The family has since been to several hospitals where they were relieved to find out Hong Hong can be operated on when he is between six months and a year old.

The surgery could cure the condition and hopefully give the boy a chance at a normal childhood but it would cost between £10,600 to £53,000.

The family have resorted to soliciting for funds to correct the condition which occurs in two of 1,000 kids.

In 2010, another boy in China suffered from the same condition but he had 31 toes and fingers but was corrected through a surgery at the age of 6.

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