Meet The EXTREME Mum Who Gives Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Pedicures, Hair Extensions...

Meet The EXTREME Mum Who Gives Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Pedicures, Hair Extensions And Spray Tans (PHOTOS)

By Daily Magic on July 26, 2014

Sophie-May Dickson loves hair extensions and spray-tans. Many women do. But unlike most mums, Sophie-May lets her four-year-old daughter have them too. Little Princess Bliss Tianna May has been going to parties and once even to pre-school in a blonde hairpiece since she was two. And she had her first mahogany spray-tan at the age of three.

Single mum Sophie-May, 22, sees no problem with this. She says that Princess – who also wears nail polish, has a designer wardrobe worth thousands and sleeps in a pink, glitzy Princess Palace – was a “naturally glamorous” baby from the start.

“People are small-minded,” she adds. “They think I make her have the tan and wear the hair – but she wants it. I would never put her on a sun bed. It’s just a spray- tan and she doesn’t have it often. I’d like someone to tell me what is so bad?”

“Princess is not like other four-year-olds. She’s intelligent. Although I did catch her twerking to a Miley Cyrus video.

“She got told off for that,” she says quickly as Princess giggles in the background.

Sophie-May, from Essex, is the most extreme parent featured in Channel 5’s Blinging up Baby on Monday.

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