Meet The World’s Hairiest Girl Alive, With Hairs All Over Her FACE...

Meet The World’s Hairiest Girl Alive, With Hairs All Over Her FACE (PHOTOS)

A 12-year-old girl, with hairs all over her body especially her face and neck currently holds the Guinness record for the world’s hairiest girl alive with hairs all over her face and neck.

Supatra Sasuphan from Thailand has told how she was taunted by her school mates in Bangkok who gave her names like ‘Wolf Girl’ and ‘Monkey Face’ due to her rare medical condition known as Ambras syndrome or hypertrichosis.

Now, her popularity cuts across the globe after the Guinness World Record Committee named her “World’s Hairiest Girl”.

Speaking about her recent feat, Sasuphan said, “I’m very happy to be in the Guinness World Records.

“A lot of people have to do a lot to get in. All I did was answer a few questions and then they gave it to me.

“There were a few people who used to tease me and call me monkey face but they don’t do it any more.

“I’m very used to this condition. I can’t feel the hair as it has always been like this. I don’t feel anything.”

Sasuphan’s bizarre medical condition s such that makes hair grow all over the body including the face and neck and research proved that it is caused by a faulty chromosome.

Below are some of her photos. (Click on any  image to enlarge).


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