Mike Murdock Wisdom Letter: You Can Activate Your Miracle Today

Mike Murdock Wisdom Letter: You Can Activate Your Miracle Today

By Mike Murdock | Inspiration on November 18, 2016
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Dr. Mike Murdock

Dr. Mike Murdock is one of the wisest men on the planet today. We bring you, his Wisdom teachings in a new series on our Inspiration blog. 

As I pray daily in The Secret Place, The Holy Spirit reminds me that each one of us is in need of a Miracle.

We ask God for supernatural favor, debt cancellation, reconciliation of homes and divine healings. God is a God of Miracles. He never intended for us to live without Miracles.

God Gives You A Picture of Your Future That Will Literally Require Miracles. If you can get from your Present to your Future without a Miracle, you have not yet seen the God-Future for you.

The life of Elisha, the protégé of Elijah, is a remarkable story of a persistent young man who loved miracles.

He loved Miracles so much he left his Comfort Zone…what he was accustomed to…to pursue the Anointing of his Mentor, Elijah. (See 1 Kings 19:19-21.) One writer says Elisha served Elijah for 22 years. He stayed in the presence of Elijah…washing his clothes…his hands…and preparing his meals.

If You Stay In The Comfort Zone, You Will Never Obtain The Greatness of The Future God Designed For You.

You cannot have a miracle until you know you need one. You cannot have a Miracle until you know what you do not have. You have to know what is missing. That is the first step toward humility, and humility decides what you attract and what is comfortable with you. The moment you say, “There is something I do not have, I do not know,” that is when the Miracle begins.

The Anointing You Respect Is The Anointing You Attract.

    The Price of A Miracle Is…Passion.
The Price of A Miracle Is…Time.
The Price of A Miracle Is…Your Departure From Your Comfort Zone.

You must be willing to leave what is comfortable for you. You must be willing to disconnect from something that is easy for you.

Dr. Mike Murdock is an American Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, televangelist, and the senior pastor of The Wisdom Centre Ministry. He is a world renowned preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he would like to hear from you today. Subscribe to a whole range of digital messages from Dr. Murdock HERE. You can also email him HERE


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