Military Coup May Be In The Works, David Mark Tipped To Head...

Military Coup May Be In The Works, David Mark Tipped To Head Transitional Gov’t – UK Publication

By Idoreyin Sampson | Sub-Editor on June 16, 2014
Senator David Mark
Senator David Mark

A UK based publication, Africa Confidential has published an analysis of the political situation in Nigeria and suggested that a military takeover of the government may be in the offing in the country.

The publication with says it has been ‘reporting on Africa since 1960’, claims that the Boko Haram insurgency in the North and other factors including a speculated inability of President Jonathan to overwhelmingly win the 2015 election may lead to the establishment of a transitional government headed by Senate President David Mark, who is a retired army general and close ally of former Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida.

According to the analysis, Instead, political confidence in his government is declining and there have been ominous rumblings in the military. Some politicians in Abuja think that Jonathan won’t win the PDP presidential nomination for next year’s elections, while others say he won’t even manage to hold on to power until the vote.”

The report goes further to say, “That leaves other messier options. There is much interest in the plans of Senate President David Mark, a veteran ally of General Ibrahim Babangida, whose coup-making days go back to the 1970s and 1980s. Mark has taken a noticeably harder line on Boko Haram than his counterparts at the top of government.”

The analysis has been dismissed by a close senior aide to President Jonathan as ”absolute nonsense”. He told The Trent that as 2015 draws near, ”Unknown publications would emerge and present sensational non-factual reports about the country.”

“Many of them are sponsored reports by disgruntled enemies of Nigeria,” our Aso Rock source who did not wish to be named said.

You may read the full report at Africa Confidential.


  1. …overwhelmingly voted Jonathan into office, they were voting for a break with the culture of the the past which condoned corruption among pubic officials and other Nigerians. Nigerians were voting for an end to the paying of lip service to the challenges facing Nigerians. They were voting for the enthronement of social justice and equal opportunities for all Nigerians. All of these were, they believed,encapsulated in Jonathan’s campaign slogan where he said he would gi ve Nigerians “fresh air”. However, 5years into his administration, Nigerians are yet to breathe the promised fresh air. On the contrary, our air has become fouler. The price of fuel has risen to unprecedented levels; all manner of public-treasury looting has been going on among public officials and yet no one has ever been convicted; the dream of equal opportunities and justice for all Nigerians is still a mirage as pronounced discrimination and nepotism are still the order of the day. There is a yawning absence of planning and infra…

  2. structure all over Nigeria.
    This is the key to the defeat of Boko Haram and other enemies of Nigeria. The brain behind the Boko Haram insurgence knew this very well, so they launched these bloody attacks on Nigerians as a ruse aimed at diverting the government’s focus from addressing the needs of Nigerians to trying to quell terrorist disturbances and…they ha ve succeeded only too well.
    Accordingly, Boko Haram can never be defeated by the force of arms. Their coup de grace will come as soon as the government stops being elitist and begin to identify with the yearnings of the masses of Nigeria among whom there is as yet a huge chunk of support for the insurgents The government should break this support by providing for Nigerians and the people themselves will fight Boko Haram to its death. No other solution is feasible ___Ogochukwu Onuoha

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