Why Are More Nigerians Turning To Online Chemistry Teachers?

Why Are More Nigerians Turning To Online Chemistry Teachers?

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on December 8, 2017
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E-learning has attained mainstream approval in Nigeria. It’s common for Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Organic Chemistry undergraduate students in various Nigerian campuses to obtain detailed assignment help by hiring chemistry teachers. Some Nigerians actually enjoy the one-on-one training offered via Skype than attending lectures.

Here are five crucial reasons why both undergraduate and postgraduate Chemistry students in Nigeria collectively spend thousands of dollars hiring online Chemistry tutors.

1.     Availability of affordable tablets

The Android tablet has helped thousands of students who couldn’t afford laptops to fully access e-learning. Tablets are highly portable and perform virtually all computer functions. You can acquire a brand new Android tablet in Nigeria for as low as $60 dollars. This device comes with large internal storage, document-editing apps similar to Microsoft Office, and sophisticated web browsers.

It will cost you $200-$450 dollars to purchase a new laptop in Nigeria. An extra $50 dollars is required to purchase antivirus and Office software.

2.     Wide coverage of high-speed mobile broadband internet

Nigeria has five active mobile phone service providers. At least 40 million Nigerians have mobile phones. Recent telecommunication reports show that half of Nigeria’s subscribers use internet-enabled cell phones. In order to satisfy Nigeria’s growing population of mobile phone users, the telecommunication companies have provided both 3G and 4G internet.

Students using 3G enabled internet modems in Nigeria enjoy live Skype sessions that are free from abrupt disconnections.

3.     Availability of Nigerian Chemistry tutors on various online tutoring websites

The availability of high-speed internet in Nigeria has enabled thousands of youthful graduates to launch careers as online Chemistry tutors. You’ll come across Nigerian Chemistry tutors on Preply and other online freelance sites which charge lessons on an hourly basis. These online freelancers employ various marketing techniques to attract clients via social media and search engines such as Google.

Hiring an online Chemistry tutor from your own country gives you two advantages. The fact that your online Chemistry tutor passed through a similar undergraduate Chemistry syllabus makes him knowledgeable enough to teach you. The second advantage is you can freely converse in your native language whenever asking questions.

4.     Large population of tech-savvy youth

At least half of Nigeria’s total population is less than 30 years old. In virtually every nation, the youth drive the demand for internet and technology products. This dynamic market segment is willing to try out new online services and products.

5.     Presence of Online Schools

The University of Nigeria runs an online faculty that offers Business, Engineering, Food Production, and Agriculture degrees. Other universities offer similar programs in their online schools. This bold step into e-learning opened the doors for other Nigerians to try out online tutors from different websites.

In Conclusion

Did you know that your lecturer only teaches 70 % of the syllabus? How does one acquire the remaining 30 % of the content? Smart undergraduate and postgraduate Chemistry students in Nigeria excel in their studies by hiring online tutors.


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