Ofilix: An Article Dedicated To Baby Shit

Ofilix: An Article Dedicated To Baby Shit [The Trent Voices]

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So about 2 weeks ago, I visited my friend who is expecting a baby. I also attended their baby shower where I got to meet a lot of young parents with babies. And it was quite a joyful moment really, to see little kids running all around the place and smiling. And then I saw the diaper cake, at first I thought it was a delicious blue cake and would have started eating it if nobody was around, but thankfully I did not. Because I could have died of diaper overdose!

But as soon as I found out it was a diaper cake, I was amazed at how many diapers they were. And then I started hearing stories about how babies shit almost every minute, and how you needed to have a steady supply of diapers, and diaper this and shit this and that.

I even got to participate in a blindfolded change the diaper on a babydoll contest where I lost out to this ninja diaper changing guy. I mean the guy could change a diaper with his hands tied behind his back while still blindfolded and eating food at the same time! He was that good!

After he won the contest ladies started checking him out! I mean who knew that the way to a womans heart was changing diapers. And to think of all the time I wasted in the gym…

Anyway I had a fun time…it was quite awesome learning about babies and their miracles down under. So I dedicated a special sketch to all the parents in the place with style and grace…hope you enjoy. And remember anytime @ofilispeaks yells make shit happen…close your babies ears =D

baby shitx

Ofilix is the untapped fictional half of @ofilispeaks. ofilix is 33.54% human and 66.46% mutant and still mutating. His powers…the uncanny ability to fuse real life world with the fictional world seamlessly and project them across the world wide internet. He has no twitter account or facebook page and abhors instagram. ofilix believes in equality and democracy but is willing to go to extreme limits to ensure that justice prevails, even if it means trampling on the rights of the truly evil!

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