Opinion: Jega Is The Least Qualified To Conduct The Elections

Opinion: Jega Is The Least Qualified To Conduct The Elections

By Opinions | The Trent on March 9, 2015
Attahiru Jega
Former INEC Chairman Professor Jega

by Simeon Nwakaudu

If i had any doubts about Professor Attahiru Jega’s integrity in relation to the forthcoming elections, it was cleared when I read Lai Mohammed’s press statement titled: “APC exposes plans by PDP /Jonathan administration to manipulate 2015 general elections, implicate opposition leaders”.

Indeed, by that press statement, Lai Mohammed confirmed the suspicion of majority of Nigerians that Jega has been compromised by top opposition leaders to defraud Nigerians during the elections. Prior Lai Mohammed’s ill-fated press statement on Wednesday, the social media had been inundated with rumours of several alleged meetings between the embattled INEC chief and APC chieftains.

Lai Mohammed and the APC believe that they have the prerogative to churn out lies and divert the attention of Nigerians when the truth is so obvious. A day before the APC tale by moonlight, story made the round that security agencies were in possession of incontrovertible facts of Jega’s unholy romance with the APC .

As a preemptive strike, Lai Mohammed cried on the roof top. Lai Mohammed claims that Tinubu will be implicated for allegedly paying huge sums into Jega’s account. Indeed, he insinuated that huge funds will be transferred into Jega’s account. This implies that an inordinate amount has already been traced to the INEC chairman’s account.

The other allegations by Mohammed are just diversionary. With Lai Mohammed’s revelation, it is obvious that Jega has no business remaining in office as he has lost his last atom of credibility. A judge or referee who is no longer trusted is expected to quit the stage.

On Tuesday, the APC members of the House of Representatives threw tantrums under the guidance of Speaker Tambuwal. They threatened Nigerians with death and violence should Jega be removed. These guys continue to use violence as a weapon in a democracy. This is unfortunate. It is extremely regrettable that lawmakers would eulogise the 2011 murder of innocent Corps members and citizens just because of their desperation to keep their compromised member, Attahiru Jega.

The APC believes that Jega is the only human being who can deliver transparent and credible elections. This is a fallacy. In fact, under the prevailing circumstances, Jega is the least qualified to conduct the elections. The recruitment of questionable opposition lawyers and media practitioners cannot cleanse Jega of his political leprosy.

All the opposition propaganda machines deployed in favour of Jega cannot improve his tainted image. If we look at Jega we see APC. If we look at Jega, painfully we see Buhari, Tinubu. This situation is extremely ugly. In months, Jega has lost everything.

It has go so bad that Jega’s supporters are members of an opposition party whose desperation for power is disheartening as their only interest is the national purse. Ask the people of Lagos State where trillions of naira have been frittered away in ungodly corruption and they will narrate their ordeal in the hands of the APC.

Let the public service rules apply to Jega the way they applied to Prof Maurice Iwu. A man whose ways are tainted with criminal allegations and unexplained collaboration with deadly opposition leaders cannot be trusted with Nigeria’s general elections. Jega should help himself and Nigeria by throwing in the towel.

In the event that he continues to grandstand like his opposition friends have advised, the President should ignite the public service rules. On no account should Jega be sacked, he should be propelled to retire. Nigeria cannot have a highly partisan INEC national chairman.

APC is a party where falsehood, concocted stories and deceit count for nothing. Her VP candidate, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, tweeted a false picture, Buhari claimed he visited Chibok and is battling fake ordinary level certificate, while APC lied that Buhari was interviewed in London when indeed the interview took place in Abuja. This party that lies without apologies is not the alternative.

After all said, Jega and APC are partners in this crime against the nation. They must not be allowed to execute their evil plot no matter how hoarse APC and their associates cry. They always shed crocodile tears while harming the nation.

The conclusion of the matter is simple. President Goodluck Jonathan deserves a second term. His performance has been outstanding as he has surpassed all his predecessors by miles in terms of verifiable achievements. Other than politics and a born-to-rule mentality, the APC candidate is no match for Jonathan. The opposition voices are loud, but in a shouting match the empty vessels make the loudest noise.

Simeon Nwakaudu is the Special Assistant (Media) to the Minister of State for Education.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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