Our Pick Of Our 6 Best Robes For Women

Our Pick Of Our 6 Best Robes For Women

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on January 23, 2019
woman robe women's robe best

Wearing a bathrobe is one of the many comforts at home. Women’s robes have evolved from being just a toilet garment into being a part of superfluity. Bathrobes are one of a small number of personal products where you can marry both necessity and luxury. A great robe is one that helps you stay warm and cozy, cover you up, or helps make your morning routine more pleasing.

Currently, those spa and hotel bathrobes that you are dying to take your hands on can already be bought anywhere – be it on physical stores or online. But before hoarding up on those robes, you must first see to it that you are getting the best deal from your money.

So the things that you would want to consider in buying bath robes is that, primarily, bathrobes are not created equal. That is why, you must be patient enough in researching what is the right robe for you. There is a huge variety of bathrobes – be it from the variety of design, the thickness, or the various materials that comprises it (i.e., terry and waffle weave).

These are also some helpful suggestions for how to look for a bathrobe that fits you the best, and more importantly, fits your budget:

woman robe women's robe best

What type of fabric do you want?

A bathrobe’s fabric is very important because it has a lot to do with what you intend to use the robe for and as to how it will make you feel when you are wearing it. The best fabrics there is are the terry cloth and the waffle weave. To give you an idea, a terrycloth robe is both thick and plush. While the waffle weave, on the other hand, is lighter and thinner. For the cotton fabric, there are also low, medium, and high grade cotton fabrics, and these cotton robes are best used for bathing because it is fast-absorbent. The waffle weave on the other hand is a popular option used in spa robes. These are best for covering up because the cloth is lighter and not very warm. The fabric of a robe is also an indication on whether it is of high quality or not. Good quality fabrics lasts longer from those which are not.

What bathrobe style do you want?

There are a lot of different bathrobe styles which includes Kimono and shawl-collared robes. A shawl collar usually closes at the neck, which is as if you are wrapping a shawl around you. These shawl collar robes will give you maximum the warmness and ease.

Kimono robes on the other hand offer a more traditionally tailored fit with wrist-length sleeves and a streamlined flat collar. This type of robes are popular spa robes because of its sleek-fitted look and lightweight comfort.

The hooded robes are for people who are looking for heat. Hooded robes are better used to pull over wet hair after bath or swimming. The hood is also going to provide extra warmth around the neck and the head area.

woman robe women's robe best

Specifically, below are some of the most popular women’s robes:

The best classic robe – Frette Milano Terry Bathrobe

Frette is more of a textile company, but it is more precise to call it a luxury company. The company is founded in France in the 1800s and is currently operating out of Italy. Frette is currently manufacturing high-end sheets, towels, and of course, bathrobes. These Frette robes are the kinds of soft, oversized robes that envelop you.

The best organic robe – Coyuchi Relaxed Linen Robe

From the founding of Pursoma, a line of elegant bath soaks, Shannon Vaughn has become one of the front runners of the bath-evangelist movement. “I ponder it as the most sacred part of the day,” says Vaughn, whose adding women’s robes to her product line. Currently, she is a fan of the heavyweight washed-linen robe from Northern California–based Coyuchi, which also manufactures organic sheets. As for Vaughn, the brand’s commitment to organic products is the main draw. “I want everything that touches my skin to be as close to nature as possible,” she says. And after a soak, Vaughn recommends covering yourself in one for 30 minutes, then quickly heading straight to bed. “You’ll sleep like a baby,” she says.

The best light-weight Kimono Robe

Agatinia Kimono Robe

If you ask any professional, they are likely to talk your war off about bamboo cotton fiber, which is a relatively new textile that asserts moisture-wicking and odor-eliminating properties.

Ask any spa professional, and they will surely talk your ear off about bamboo cotton fiber, which is a relatively new textile that boasts moisture-wicking and odor-eliminating properties. Significantly, these two qualities will surely come in handy if you plan on using your robe in a steam or sauna, or just for a few days between laundry cycles.

Cariloha Ultra-Plush Bamboo Robe

Cariloha has currently been making abuzz when it comes to bamboo robe. They have been making plush and thicker robes out of bamboo. The brand also makes sheet and T-shirts and other homewares, but the Cariloha robe will make you feel like it’s the most luxurious way to wear bamboo.

The best robe with a hood

Hanro Terry Long Hooded Robe

Hanro is a 130-year-old Swiss company which is popularly known for its second-skin underwear. But aside from that, Hanro also makes butter-soft bathrobes made from a cotton-poly blend.

Hanro also makes classic women’s robes style with shawl collars instead of the hood.

The best robes from start-ups – Parachute Classic Bathrobe

Parachute’s plush mattress topper has been adored by many. Parachute is also a bedding company that also manufactures bathrobes from Turkish cotton with an Oeko-Tex certification.

These are just some suggestions for you in helping you find what you want in a bathrobe. There are other designs, textures and other specifications if you think that you still need some more options. As long as it fits how you want to feel when wearing your bathrobe, the choices are limitless.


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