The Importance Of Hiring Medical SEO Experts For Your Practice

The Importance Of Hiring Medical SEO Experts For Your Practice

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on January 23, 2019
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The field of medical SEO is ever changing and as a busy medical professional, it can be hard to keep up with these changes. If you hire the best team of medical SEO experts, the team will be able to optimize and update your website with the latest medical SEO features. This, in turn, will allow your site to have a higher search engine ranking as well as boost visitor traffic. Such website optimization is what you need so that you can focus more on taking care of your patients while the expert team takes care of your growth.

There are plenty of businesses out there that promise to offer SEO services for doctors but in reality, they have never worked with a doctor. It is therefore important to look for a team of experts who have worked with plenty of doctors and other clients in a similar field on search engine optimization. You should also look for a comprehensive plan price that will not take you by surprise. Make the right choice for your practice by hiring the best medical SEO Company to stay relevant in the market.


What Medical SEO Means for Your Practice

You may have an attractive website and feel confident in the services you offer but you wonder why you are not coming up in any Google searches. However, by hiring the best SEO services, your website will appear many times in search engines. Therefore you are assured of relevant traffic.

There are over 1 billion Google users and over 3.5 billion searches a day. These figures show that a significant number of people spend their time browsing the net each day searching for something. If you optimize your website, you can attract the right audience. According to statistics, 75% of internet users will only scroll the first page of search results. The following pages may be relevant but only a small number of people will get to see this. Each search query of the first page has the potential to generate billions of results. If your website lacks a higher ranking, it might not appear in any of those results let alone the first page.

These facts prove that Medical SEO cannot be ignored. More doctors are appreciating this fact and have therefore created new websites. Despite the increase in online competitors in your field, you can outrank them in special results, putting your practice on top of the game.

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Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

SEO for doctors is an ever-changing service even though it has become more prevalent. It requires frequent updates and lots of attention in order to keep it running smoothly for best results. Google is constantly changing its algorithm and it’s important to stay updated. These updates are to improve the relationship between search engines and your website. However, they have a downside in that they can make it difficult to rank your site higher if the right strategy is lacking. A dedicated team of SEO specialists keeps up with all the latest updates to Google’s algorithm. This makes sure that your website is constantly optimized to ensure high rankings.

The content published on the internet must be keyword-rich. Thus, it is important to know which keywords are best for your practice. It all depends on your specific practice such as oncology, family medicine or gynecologist. Once the SEO team gets to know your practice, they will perform the keyword research to make sure they have identified all the high traffic keywords for your benefit. This gives your company the necessary exposure.

Optimization is an ongoing process and one of the best ways to ensure your website is updated with the most relevant and targeted keywords is by blogging. As a doctor squeezing in between your busy schedule and trying to find time to write a new blog in between surgeries can be almost impossible. You also need time to schedule for office appointments. You need a team to do the writing for you and optimize this content for best medical SEO results. You, therefore, have more time to focus on how to offer your patients the best care.

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The Most Important Factors For Success in Medical SEO Marketing


All great doctors who know what they are doing have a well-laid plan before surgery. This plan is thoroughly reviewed so that they ensure it is perfect before starting any procedure. A similar procedure is followed by SEO experts when working with their clients. The data gathered is used to devise a structured and customized plan so that your site will benefit the most in terms of traffic and rankings. A carefully planned strategy is at the heart of the success of any site.

Keyword research

You are probably concerned about giving your patients the best care you can, right from the beginning. The best way to achieve this is through keyword research. If you specify what exactly your patients need and what kind of doctor they are looking for, a specialized SEO team will help you choose the most relevant keywords for your business. Users will experience quality service even the first time they search for your business.


Even after strategy, keywords, and goals have been established, this is still not enough for the success of a website. The real work starts with on-page optimization for a site. The work involves not only optimizing your site for the most relevant keywords determined but also cleaning up the code in order to improve your site’s structure. Therefore your users are assured of a better user experience. This is the phase where the team sets up the various goals a client is trying to achieve by means of tracking dashboards and analytics systems. Such a team will ensure better site performance.

Continued performance

Medical SEO is not a temporary fix but a more permanent implant that will benefit your site for a long time in the years to come. This is good news because as long as it is properly maintained you are assured of attracting the right audience. Ongoing SEO tactics keep your site growing through backlink, blogging and strategy adjustments. These ensure easy switching of patient account and preference changes.


The only way to improve your performance in SEO is to know your results. An advertising specialist will provide you with a detailed monthly report that will show the progression of your site as a result of the SEO services. They will also follow up with calls monthly to review those results. This provides both of you with opportunities to discuss any possible opportunities to increase your site’s performance.

Those in the medical field will want to attract new patients while at the same time growing their business. SEO team of experienced professionals can help. They partner with all types of medical practitioners such as physicians, chiropractors, mental health professionals, chiropractors, speech pathologist, hospitals and medical clinics.

Types of SEO Services Offered

Technical SEO aims to optimize the various aspects of a client’s medical practice such as the URL structure and mobile friendliness. Search engines will look at these two main factors while establishing site rankings. If you improve your site’s technical SEO features you will likely experience a higher ranking.

On the page, SEO ensures your site is mobile friendly and stays relevant to the search query. Both potential and established clients will find your company’s site more appealing and thus boost ranking.

Off-page, SEO is seriously considered by search engines in their algorithms because this is the information used to rank sites. Search engines aim to give users with the results that benefit them and provide them with the most value. Factors considered include link building and social media advertising. A strong off-page SEO strategy will increase your rank in organic searches; it will also compel potential clients to visit your site from mentions on social media and blog post references.

Content marketing is another important aspect that cannot be overlooked. Those in the medical field well realize that the first place people go to when searching for various health answers is the internet. With this in mind, you need a consistent and in-depth content on your medical company’s site if you want to increase your rank in organic searches. An experienced team of experts will determine which phrases and keyword will be effective in attracting potential clients to your site. You also need to work with a talented team of writers who will create high-quality content for your site to educate your patient base. The team will also incorporate the targeted keyword into this content. Content also needs to be updated regularly.

Having a mobile friendly website is essential in this digital age since many potential patients are searching for their medical options via a mobile device. This is paramount to attracting new customers. Your website needs to be accessible to mobile users while at the same time optimizing your site for better and improved ranking. Search engines will easily scan your site, rank your medical company’s site and index your content into their database.

Potential clients living in a fast-paced world are not patient to wait for a slow website to load. This negatively affects customer experience and a slow loading speed can also affect your search engine ranking. Before your site is ranked in organic searches, its loading speed is measured and the data compared with your competitors. An experienced SEO team will audit the speed and responsiveness of your site using the most up to date tools and then remove any components that might be responsible for slowing down your site.

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Who Can Benefit From SEO Services?

1. Startups

Getting the business off the ground within the first few years is the most challenging part of running startups. Investing in SEO services gives you that peace of mind since you know an experienced team will attract visitors to your site while you concentrate on perfecting your product. Thus, you are able to perfect your business image and reach out to more customers. it is important to build trust and worthiness with your client base and this is one way you achieve this.

2. Small to medium-sized businesses

Word of mouth as a form of advertising is a traditional method and is no longer effective. A small or medium sized business highly depends on constant marketing for its growth. By partnering with an SEO expert, you can boost revenue and scale your business while at the same time increasing your company’s exposure.

3. Local businesses

A local business needs to increase its online presence as well as maintain the face-to-face contact with customers. These are two main aspects that should never be ignored. E Although this may seem challenging, it is possible to boost your ranking in major search engines and rebrand your business for better recognition by using smart SEO practices. This facilitates consistent growth that is needed to help you stay competitive in your practice.

4. Businesses looking to go global

As an ambitious business person, you always want to go to the next level. If you are thinking of going international, it is vital to employ market-specific strategies. This is, in fact, the secret to making this global transition a success. The tactics used in a local setting may not be applicable in another country. An expert will tailor your content to suit the target market while not forgetting to include localized keywords for the target market. There are numerous opportunities for growth in the international market waiting to be explored. If you hire experts you put your business in a good position to benefit from the immense opportunities. 


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