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Peter Obi’s Legacy University Inspires Nigeria’s New Generation Leaders [MUST READ]

Must read

It’s often said that the very wish of a loving father is to see his children do better exploits in all human endeavours. Note, for a child to make better exploits in life than the father, he must have spent years and time studying and learning his legendary father’s character and actions, which will propel him to global greatness and recognition. The child must have spent time listing the very qualities of his father in a tabulated form to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the father’s enduring legacies and dynasty.

At this stage, you will agree with me that this child or children are out for a better scorecard higher than that of their father when put to work. On the side of the father, you will also agree that the father will rejoice all through his life for installing a mirror of himself in a Promax version. This pattern, when kept consistently, has the capacity to become a generational pattern of life for the legendary family dynasty.

We must also not get too excited that not all the members or children in the family of the legendary father will follow his footsteps closely as narrated above. This may be due to the child not paying close attention to the foundation of his father’s success stories which he/she is a living witness to. But one thing you must note is that the father always knows the child that is mirroring him and his reward is in his written will. It’s in the father’s written will that the chaff will be separated from the wheat, defined by their individual characters with a view on who will sustain his legendary legacies and dynasty.

Having said this, we shall liken this illustration to the contemporary Nigerian system and the emergence of the father of the POssible new Nigeria. At this point, please permit me to welcome the man that represents hope for tomorrow for the ordinary Nigerian populace, the beacon of hope, the proven character personified, the lover of good governance, the father of transparency leadership, the father of accountability, the father of integrity, the father of due process, the father of inclusivity, the father filled with compassion, the father of empathy, the father that knows how to swim in the turbulent ocean waves, the bridge builder, non-tribalistic, non-religionistic, a believer and mover of progress and success, the dynasty builder, a father that knows how best to handle constructive and destructive criticism, a humble and prudent father, the father that understands the needs of his children, a father that treats elders with utmost respect, a father deep and experienced in divine and secular knowledge and the shining mirror father for millions and billions of people still breathing. The name of this great man and father is no other person on this planet earth other than HIS EXCELLENCY PETER GREGORY OBI, the former Governor of Anambra State and the presidential candidate for Labour Party in the just concluded 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

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In this article, permit me to use him as a case study of a worthy father whose shining mirror or light is worthy of emulation both in the family setting and in the public leadership setting for the sole purpose of good governance. From his family as a loving father, he has installed in his family a legacy of trust, love, care, hardworking, humility, strength, focus, and goal orientation, and as a result, no family controversy in the public medium, no divorce, and all his children working hard and smart in their different endeavors. The spirit of non-dependency was instilled by the loving father, Peter Obi.

Coming to his public office leadership, it might interest you to know that H.E. Peter Obi is a man prepared already for leadership and good governance. His leadership qualities and personality were not unnoticed by those who encountered him. The Peter Obi trajectory into politics was purely a discovery of a man prepared for the future to lead and serve his people; this shows a man who has chosen a pattern of life and has worked hard to live in it. His discovery into politics shows he was trained by his family. His history gives insights that one can be doing great things in their different endeavors without the mind that people are noticing him or her. We can draw a lesson from this, as a student of LEGACY UNIVERSITY OF PETER OBI, that you should keep doing the good work which defines you as a person, not minding whether you are being noticed or not.

It also reminds us that true leaders on the side of the people are discovered based on the access level of leadership preparedness, not position opportunity takers seen in our system today. Placing public interest first before personal interest is also a quality Peter Obi has trained himself to live. The 2023 general election also brought out most of his rare hidden leadership qualities he displayed as a public servant which many are not aware of the records then. He has shown consistency in character, religion, ethnicity, leadership, courage, fear of God, and results for hard work in past decades.

Having listed these father and political leadership qualities of the shining mirror of our time H.E. Peter Gregory Obi, it is imperative to note that his children both politically and family-wise can now sit down to analyze their father’s proven enduring legacies with a view to better his scorecards as a living legend.

To be continued.

The book titled above will contain more detailed reaching discoveries about the living legendary and his dynasty, the Obidient children graduates of the university in the contemporary Nigerian system. Obi is coming this time with Victory and Power.

Bye for now.

Peter Ndukwu is the convener of the “Give Us Peter Obi Movement” and a passionate advocate for good governance and leadership. With years of experience in surveying and pastoral work, Ndukwu is dedicated to promoting the legacy and vision of Peter Obi for a better Nigeria.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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