Pregnant Woman Found Dead In Lover’s House (PICTURED)

Pregnant Woman Found Dead In Lover’s House (PICTURED)

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The lifeless remains of a pregnant woman was discovered in her 57-year-old lover’s house located at No21, Oshoba Close, Itire, Lagos State.

The deceased identified only as Adeola, 25, was reportedly living with her lover identified as Raphael Agboola, until he threw her out after she informed him that she was pregnant for another man.

Adeola was said to have repeatedly gone to Agoola’s house to plead with him hoping he would forgive her.

Raphael Agboola whose pregnant girlfriend was found dead in his apartment n Lagos State | Punch
Raphael Agboola whose pregnant girlfriend was found dead in his apartment n Lagos State | Punch

She was said to have passed the night on a cushion outside Agboola’s house on the fateful day because he refused to let her in, but was discovered dead the next day.

Agboola, who hails from Kwara State was arrested by the police in connection with Adeola’s death, but he denied having a hand in the incident.

He said: “I am from Kwara State. I met Adeola while I was going to church on the first Sunday of the year in January 2016. I saw her walking along Wuraola bus stop in Mushin area of Lagos. I was attracted to her, so I stopped her and tried to woo her and she accepted.

I gave her my house address to come and check on me later that day. She came that afternoon as agreed and during our discussion, I asked her where she was from and she told me Oyo State. I also asked her about her parents and she told me they were both dead.

I then asked her who she was living with, she told me she was living with an aunt. To prove to her that I really wanted a serious relationship, I told her I would want to see her aunt. We agreed to go there on the Thursday of same week. We exchanged phone numbers and I told her to call me on that Thursday so that I would know where to meet her and then proceed to her aunt’s house.

After our discussion, she left. I did not even touch her that day. Surprisingly, Thursday came and I heard nothing from Adeola. I called her later to know why she did not stick to our plan. She told me she was busy and could not make it.

I saw reasons with her and told her it was not a problem and that we could always fix another time. The relationship continued on phone, but she never visited my house again. It was, however, unusual when after sometime, her number was no longer going through.

I just took it as one of those things since I do not know her house or even have anyone to ask of her whereabout. It was, however, amazing when on the 14th March, 2016, when I returned from work at about 7:30 p.m, my neighbour told me someone had been waiting to see me.

I asked her who it was and she said it was a lady. I did not take my neighbour serious and even after she showed me where the person sat, I could not recognize the person. So, I walked straight into my apartment. I was praying when I noticed someone walk into my apartment.

“I chose to finish my prayer before attending to whoever it was. When I finished and raised my head, I noticed it was Adeola. I was surprised and asked her what brought her to my place since she did not bother to check on me all this while.

“She told me she was pregnant and needed help. I asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy and she told me the person ran away when he discovered she was pregnant. I then asked about her aunt she was living with, she told me her aunt had sent her packing after she discovered she was pregnant.

“I also noticed she had a terrible cough. So, I told her I could not help her situation. I asked her to go back home and beg her aunt. She left my house and I refreshed that night and went to bed. It was, however, surprising when the next morning, at about 7a.m., one of my neighbours, a Muslim cleric informed me that the lady who came to look for me last night was lying dead on a cushion outside my compound.

“I rushed out and noticed she was the one. I was confused and could not explain what had actually happened to her. My neighbours, however, alerted the police at Itire division about what had happened. I was arrested and subsequently transferred to the State Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (SCID) Panti Yaba.

“My hands are clean. Sincerely, I have nothing to do with Adeola’s death. I did not kill her and did not even have the slightest clue that she did not leave that night. If I am vindicated, I obviously will stay off women because I have seen a lot.

“I have been married twice on different occasions and they both left me with my two children because I was not wealthy. I had kept to myself not until when I meet Adeola.”


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