5 Steps On How To Prepare For The Single Life After A...

5 Steps On How To Prepare For The Single Life After A Divorce

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There’s no easy way to deal with a breakup, which a divorce is. There’s always someone who’s hurt, and it’s a painful ordeal no matter how cordial each party is at the time.

Splitting up is a reality many people must face in their lifetime. If you are considering a divorce or undergoing the procedure, see the below tips on how to prepare for the single life after a divorce.

The Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy. Orange County divorce attorney, Sarieh Law Offices, know all too well about the divorce process. There are two parties who need to split ways, and it’s as smooth or ugly as they make it. Entering the single life means you’ve split and divorced from your partner and are now, for the time being, going it alone. There’s an attachment on multiple levels that must be dealt with as time goes on.

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Healing Stage

The healing stage is the realization that the divorce is finalized, and you’re no longer a couple. The length of the healing stage depends on the persons involved and the depth of the relationship. There are support groups out there, and you always have friends and family to lean on. However, it’s the time spent alone that’s the most beneficial. There’s no limit as to how long you need to heal. It’s an individual process that comes with time.

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Living Situation

The living situation will depend upon your circumstances. For example, you’ll settle during the divorce about who’ll take what property and where the kids will live if you have them. It’s not always going to be your ideal situation. Prepare yourself ahead of time for not getting your way. If you do get your way, then enjoy the home or place where you get to stay and practice gratitude for what you do have. All that matters is that you’re taking care of yourself and are healthy and safe.

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There’ll be money discussions during and after a divorce. Work with your support team to make sure you get a fair deal. If you have a job, remember that it may be a struggle to get yourself to work and make money. It’s also possible you’ll feel completely independent and excited about the opportunity to manage your own money. Remember to ask for help if you need it. Each part of the process will hit you emotionally differently than someone else. Also, remember that if you decide to revert to your maiden name after your divorce, ensure that you update each of your most important records, such as your social security, birth certificate, passport, etc. To learn more about the name change process, visit Eznamechange.com.

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Social Life

Prepare yourself for the single life by realizing your social life will change. It’s possible you shared friends, and now you won’t see some of them. One of you may have liked to be more social, while the other stayed in a lot. Whatever it is, just know that your social world will look different after the divorce. Once you’re feeling better and back on your feet, get out there and meet people. It’ll all take time, and that’s okay.


There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with the single life. No one plans for it at the time, but we all must deal with it once it comes. It’s recommended that you remember that everyone will have their own coping mechanisms; therefore, your healing process should be tailored to you and no one else.


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