What Is The Right Wallet According To Your Personality?

What Is The Right Wallet According To Your Personality?

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We all know by now that clothes make the man. However, it is the billfold that adds the final touch. There is one billfold for everyone. There is the right wallet for each person out there. You can be a freshman or a professor; we can help you find the right wallet right here.

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The hard-core fun lover – if you fall into this category, you need a casual sports wallet. These are simple, easy to carry and most of the times, come with attachment options. They are perfect if you have a secret love for weekend adventures, camping, and sports. You should go for a waterproof design that will keep your dollar bills crisp.

The casual folks – you should play with a lot of colors and stitch styles. You can pick between a sports wallet and leather two billfold wallets. You can pick anything as long as it slithers right into that back pocket of yours. You can also explore different materials. Stash all your charms and money in the cool funky wallets and you are set for a fun day out!

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The college goer – you are probably out looking for something a little formal but not too serious. A simple leather two billfolds with colored trims. Picking a wallet is no difficult task for a college-goer. However, picking one from the slew of online options can be tricky. Then you have to make sure all your cards fit, and it is the right size for your jeans. It is not just the color, the texture, the feel and the quality of the wallets matter just as much. A wallet can make or break the first impression! Check out http://www.walletisland.com/safe-buy-wallet-online/ for more information.

The new workaholics – you need something that will take care of all your needs. What you need is a wholesome, leather deal that excludes personality and keeps all the goodies in. You need a grunge leather three billfolds that can accommodate your cards, your dollar bills, and your change. There is no chance to play around with style statements when you are about to take out your wallet to pay for an office dinner.


The suave executive – you have no time for the frills. You do not need to carry cash because your cards can take care of all your needs. It is indeed true; a credit card can buy you the world today. That is why you need a super-slim wallet. These have room for only the bare necessities (read – the cards with the highest limits). Go for a monochrome, leather super slim wallet to complete the fashionable look.

Our specific suggestion –anyone who wants full functionality with a stylish outcome should try a money clip wallet. These are slimmer than the slimmest slim wallets, and they have space for all the cash you can carry. Go for one with a minimal, brass clip and a rugged leather look. They come in a milieu of colors, although we love to see more monochrome in formal wallets.

If everything still seems too confusing, just go with a simple textured leather two billfolds. You can never go wrong with that one.


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